Discover Your Color Palette with Your Best Colors
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Discover Your Color Palette

There are two ways you can learn your most flattering colors within Your Color Style. You can choose to do your own color analysis or you can choose to have a Your Color Style color analyst do your color analysis for you.

Do Your Own Color Analysis

If you want to do your own color analysis, we have a couple options for you to try.

Free Color Analysis Quiz

Our color analysis quiz will guide you through the 3 steps of the Your Color Style Methodology. The quiz will show you photo examples and videos to help you make the best choice as you move through the quiz. At the end of the quiz, you will be brought to a page with detailed information about your color palette, along with a mini color palette to download or Pin.

Take the Color Analysis Quiz

DIY Online Color Analysis Course

Your next best option is to take our DIY color analysis course that shows you how to put your face inside our different color wheels. These color wheels are designed with specific colors to help you quickly and easily see what your undertones are and guide to your best color palette.

Take the DIY Online Color Analysis Course

Done For You Color Analysis

If you simply want a color expert tell you your color palette. Then signing up for our Personal Color Analysis service will be your best option.

Our trained color analysts will perform an online color analysis, provide you with your complete color palette, signature colors, and recommended colors. They will even customize your color palette based on your personality and dominant features.

With this done-for-you service, your color fan deluxe bundle will ship to you at no additional charge.

Learn more about our Personal Color Analysis service

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