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Stop guessing and wasting money on clothes
that just don't look right on you.

"I've tried doing my own color analysis, but I'm still so confused."
"I’ve wasted a ridiculous amount of money on clothes that just don’t look good on me."
"I am tired of looking like I don't care about myself,
but I don't want to have to spend a ton of time or money improving my wardrobe."
"I want to look as young as I feel, but right now all I see is grey hair and lines.
I just don’t feel like me anymore."
"I want to show up as the leader in my profession and in my life
I want an image that commands respect."
"I’ve spent entirely too much money on confusing color systems
and I’m still confused on what colors I’m supposed to wear."

Your Personal Color Analysis

Sometimes, it's just easier to have an expert tell you what your best colors are. Right?

You can spend your time taking the quizzes and guessing... but it's not always easy to figure out your most flattering color palette. Especially, if you seem to fall into multiple categories.

That's what we're here for. Our trained color analysts specialize in helping women discover the colors that are in harmony with their natural coloring and tone. Your Color Style is inclusive and is designed to help women of all skin color, hair color and all the beautiful unique combinations.

We've helped women who are going grey and their colors don't feel right anymore... women of color that have gray hair... women with warm hazel eyes and cool hair...

Bottom line, when you sign up for a personal color analysis, my team of color analysis consultants and I will help you.

And I can't wait! Because this is what I most love to do! It's my jam.

Your Color Style is not seasonal color analysis

If you're new here, it's important to know that Your Color Style is a proprietary color analysis system that is simple, inclusive and accurate. You will not learn your season here. You will receive your most flattering color palette that is perfectly aligned with your natural coloring and tones. This is better than seasonal color analysis, because we don't try to force you into a season. We analyze your tones through a proven 3-step methodology. And then we customize your color palette to be perfect for you, based on your personality and unique coloring.

Your Online Color Analysis
Step 1: Send in your photos

Within a few minutes of purchasing your Personal Online Color Analysis, you will receive an email with instructions on what we need from you to complete your color analysis.

Step 2: Meet Sharon!

Step 3: Meet Your Color Analysis Consultant

Step 4: I Personally Review and Approve

Virtual Color Analysis - Your Color Style

Step 5: Your Color Analyst Reviews Your Color Analysis With You

See a sample color analysis e-book
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Step 6: Receive Your Color Fan Bundle

Sign Up For A Color Analysis

What Customers are Saying

I’m SOOOO GLAD that I got my color analysis from you! It is well worth the cost! Highly recommend!


It was so wonderful to meet you and learn so much and get clarity (finally!). I can’t wait to learn more through the other materials and start applying them. I’ve always felt my closet is my artist’s palette and getting dressed is a daily process of creating art. You’ve also given me a roadmap for how I can start to streamline my closet and cosmetics as I look to live a more focused life of beauty, integrity and discovery.This was a wonderful gift!


i am positively delighted! You made it so easy.I want to thank you from the depth (as a deep :-D ) of my heart for the chat and for your sharing your knowledge with me.I got lots of clarity from it, it just makes sense and gave me the direction for a better alignment. This is lovely 😇🙌Gratitude & blessings,


I’m so, so glad I went with the professional color analysis. It was worth every penny. Now I use my color fan to buy clothes in colors that I know will look great on me. That means I save money and time buying clothes that don’t look great and ultimately I don’t wear. Thanks Jen!


Getting the professional color analysis by Your Color Style was an extravagance for me, but so worth it! I naturally gravitate towards cool colors, but those colors don’t flatter me. It’s been a process moving to the SWM palette, but I’m so glad to have found my color home. I feel more confident and get many more compliments.


I did the professional color analysis and learned that I was SWD. I initially didn't believe it, but was opened to try the palette. I love the palette especially wearing the best pink for me. I added coral and replaced black with dark brown. I don't like shopping for clothes but now that I know my color palette, it is more enjoyable because I can overlook the colors that are not flattering - and focus on the ones that do! The analysis is worth because you save money and the long run by not wasting money on clothes that don't do anything for you.


I'm so happy I got my color analysis from Your Color Style. I was doubting myself when I stopped dying my hair, and it was a birthday present to myself. So worth it!


I had the professional color analysis more than a year ago and it was so freeing to get the results!! If you really want to know your colors, do the analysis.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with the online color analysis?
Your virtual color analysis includes a detailed e-book showing you your virtual draping, your signature colors and best colors. You have an hour zoom call with your color analysis consultant to review your color analysis and answer all of your questions. Plus, you will receive your color guide, color fan and a compact color fan for shopping.

How long will my color analysis take?
Please allow 5 to 7 business days for your color analysis to be completed and to meet with your color consultant on Zoom.

Do you offer a payment plan?
If you need to pay for your color analysis in smaller amounts, you may apply to Shop Pay. You will see a link to it right above the Add To Cart button.

What if I have questions?
We are happy to help and answer any questions. Please contact our support team.

Can I request Jen Vax to personally do my color analysis?
Due to Jen's schedule, she is no longer able to perform the color analysis orders that come in. However, she is actively involved with her team of color analysts and reviews their work.

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