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Color Analysis Training - How To Become A Color Analyst

"Thank you, Jen! I consider you a very sweet personality and shall continue to follow you. You're brilliant and I appreciate your expertise!" ~ Angie "I'm glad I stumbled upon your videos and website. You seem very knowledgeable and your videos are very informative. Keep it up!" ~ Brittany G.

"I watched the program on contrast last night. It seems I need more than one watching to be secure with the information in your programs. Each one has so much good information. They are so good and useful. ~ Elizabeth Prybyl

"I came across Jen’s website some time ago by searching for a color analysis to understand what colors suite me better. As my interest grew to learn how to have fun with different colors in the outfit, I realized that I was going back to Jen’s website quite often to learn more and more and then next thing I noticed, I spent my evening going through her website. Here is what I noticed that was very important to me and I really appreciate people like Jen: the website is full of information that I find very detailed to learn from and available for everyone, amazing newsletters that she puts together very well and very decent prices to pay for some courses to go deeper into the subject; she constantly works on providing us with new tools and exciting, fun videos; her customer service is excellent, she is literally always there to answer emails, she had been assisting me long before I became a member of her club. I love Jen for her generosity, dedication to her work and her customers, a very friendly and reliable person. She has done my color analysis in no time, it was very clear for me and now I can go on making my wardrobe fun and unique! So excited and inspired to buy the right colors and save money!!! Thank you, Jen, very much for being so passionate about your work! I am your fan!" ~Jana Sedlak

"Since joining the Color Style Club, I have learned so much about what to wear, how to wear it, and what colours to wear… and the ‘why’ behind it. Through the Facebook group, I enjoy interacting with others who are equally inspired to look and feel their best everyday. Having my colours done by Jen was a real eye-opener. Before my online analysis, I was positive that I was SOFT and COOL… but it turned out that I am SOFT and WARM. It was well worth the investment to find out my ‘true colours’, so to speak. With this new-found knowledge, I now feel confident to confront my current wardrobe, and I am already shopping with purpose. I am learning how to put together outfits that suit me, and express the way I want to be seen. I always feel connected... I feel that Jen is always nearby and available for chat or questions. I have just began this exciting journey, and learning something new every day, and I am anxious to learn more. I am considering taking one of the available courses.
Thank you so much, Jen!" ~ Bonnie Carver

"Hi Jen, Thank you very much! I suspected I was bright, cool, and deep, and having your analysis confirms that. I think it was money well spent and I can stop second- guessing myself!☺ This is way more straightforward than the old seasonal analysis. I am looking forward to the new color kit. The style program looks interesting too for when my work schedule is a bit less crazy. Thanks again, ~ Elizabeth Feszczenko "

"I'm absolutely amazed how colors can change my looks. This was very interesting and I agree completely with you in that I'm a deep autumn:) I actually like orange a lot but it doesn't look nearly as good on me as the olive and mustard!! Thank you very much for helping me with this. I feel more confident now and will use this info religiously since it can make such a difference. And why wear colors that only make you look dull when you can wear colors that just lifts the whole impression? There are enough colors for everyone, just pick the right ones! ~ Sabrina"

"It has been a very rewarding experience to have Jen do my color analysis. The time she spent exhausting all resources to bring me to a place where I can purchase confidently, dress creatively and enjoy the journey of doing so is wonderful. Thank you, Jen ~ Joy Ross (Soft and Cool)"

"Hi, my name is Brandi. Back in 1990 I was analyzed as a spring by a Color Me Beautiful specialist. Through the years I veered away from my seasonal colors. At each makeup counter I went to, I was always told I am a light summer or neutral, therefore I wore a lot of colors too harsh for me. Just last week I came across Jen while google searching for color analysis. I did her analysis of myself but with my hair coloring and blue green eyes it was just too hard to tell if I truly was a spring or summer. I sent Jen a Fb message along with a photo of my eye and she said it looked warm but would need more to give me a correct analyzation. Many pictures I sent her of my hair roots, my eyes in the sunlight and even my senior photos from high school showing my natural hair color. It only took Jen a day to completely analyze me as Bright and Warm. If you are having trouble deciding your color type, I highly recommend Jen for a complete analyzation. Now I have my beautiful color palate and know exactly what colors will make me feel good and take years off my appearance. Also don't trust the makeup counters as very few have had training in color analysis. Love to all, ~ Brandi"

"I just want to give a quick plug for Jen's Signature Club! It's already paid off for me and I've only just begun. I didn't think I needed it, but I'm finding out that I did! Also, it's one thing to get your best colors--it's another thing to dress. So, if you've been waffling about joining the Signature Club, here is one girl who's been rescued twice already! Feeling better about things already. This morning I was stressing at what to wear at a party this afternoon with definite issues swirling around amongst the guests. Jen was able to not only find my best colors with what I currently have (and next is to work on my capsules!) but gave me advice that was so good, I copied it and put it into my file I keep for my exercises in the Signature Club. I think I'll print it off and tape it up in my closet, too. ~ Crystal Miller"

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