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There are a few ways you can discover your color palette based on your budget and personal goals. We offer a free color analysis quiz that has lots of photos and videos to guide you to your color palette. We have a few more DIY options if you need a little more help doing your own color analysis. Plus, we offer a couple options to have one of our trained color analysts perform an accurate online color analysis for you.

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Learning your best color palette is just the foundation. It is all the colors that will likely flatter you based on your coloring and tone. Within your color palette are colors that are your BEST colors and perhaps some colors that may want to avoid. Plus, your personality plays a large part in choosing your colors to wear.

When you work with us, our trained color analysts first identify your color palette. Then, we customize your color palette with colors that align with your unique coloring, your personality and your professional or personal goals.

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Color Analysis Training

Color Analysis Training

Whether you are interested in becoming a certified color analyst, adding color analysis to your existing business or want to simply train in color analysis we offer a few options. Our certification program is a complete program with mentoring, training and materials to help you refine your skills and create a successful business.

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Ready to jump in?

If you are here to learn what your color type is, and you're ready to figure it out on your own, the best place to start is by taking the FREE Color Analysis Quiz.

The quiz will walk you through the 3 steps of the Your Color Style methodology, step-by-step, to guide you to your most flattering color palette.

When you enter your name and email below you will be redirected to the free quiz. You will also receive a Color Journey Map designed to help learn what to do based on where you are on your color journey. It's a great way to see many of the products, courses and services we offer that can help you.

If you're not ready to take the quiz yet, scroll down a little further to learn more about Your Color Style and Jen Vax.

Learn About Your Color Style

New here?

The video below will introduce you to the different color types and the 3 steps of the Your Color Style methodology. You'll learn the words and concepts that you'll see referred to throughout the blog, quiz, courses, videos, etc. You may even have a couple lightbulb moments about what types of colors flatter you!

You'll also discover that Your Color Style is not seasonal color analysis. You will not learn your color season here. Your Color Style is its own color analysis system with its own unique color palettes and color wheels.

Watch the video below and then scroll down a bit more to learn how and why Your Color Style came about and how it is different and better than Seasonal Color Analysis.

How is Your Color Style different?

As I mentioned above, Your Color Style is not seasonal color analysis. It is different.

When I first started doing online color analysis, I was offering seasonal color analysis. Mainly because it was the most well known color analysis system out there. It worked ok but it excluded a lot of people. I would get clients with grey hair or brown skin and clients that just didn't fit in the seasons.

I would get questions like "Am I a spring or an autumn?". When I inspected the color palettes, I discovered that there was not much difference between the color palettes but the way the seasons were described caused a lot of confusion. Plus, I didn't know how to handle the individuals that fell in between a season or really, not addressed at all.

So, using my fine arts background, I designed my own color palettes and system based on color theory. My concept is, the way you describe the colors that flatter you should be how you describe your coloring and tone. The colors you wear should be in harmony with your natural coloring.

So, I broke it down and made it as simple and flexible as possible. The Your Color Style color palettes are designed to be customizable so that you can wear the colors that you love to wear.

Your Color Style is inclusive. It is the right system for any skin color and hair color. We specialize in unique coloring and combinations.

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