NEW Book - Great With Gray - Discover Your Best Colors With Gray Hair

You are Bright Cool and Light

This means that you wear bright clear chroma colors best, you have cool undertones and you have light hair, eyes and skin. You'll see a mini color palette for bright cool and light below. If these colors feel right to you, then YAY! You've found your color type in Your Color Style.

Color Harmony Course
Color Harmony Course

A color theory course that shows you why THIS color looks good on you and not THAT color. Understanding why colors are harmonious on you... or not... will help you understand your color type and make smart color choices when shopping.

Learn more about this fun course.

If this is all new to you, then take the color analysis quiz which will walk you through all three steps to help you learn your most flattering colors.

Get Your Color Palette

Bright Cool and Light Color Palette

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