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Color Analysis Training - How To Become A Color Analyst

Welcome to Your Color Style. We're here to help you discover your most flattering colors. No more drab and blah for you! Wearing the right colors will help you feel more like yourself and allow for your amazing authentic self to shine through. You deserve to feel amazing.

So, let's dust off those tired drab colors and find some that brighten up your closet and make you smile. I bet you have an amazing smile.

Step 1: Learn Your Colors

The best place to start is to take the free class "3 Steps To Discovering Your Best Colors" which lives on our Colorful U learning platform. This course will walk you through the Your Color Style methodology and give you lots of photo examples to guide you to your most flattering color palette. Yes, this course is for you if you have grey hair, red hair, brown skin, and any beautiful unique combination. We got you.

Step 2: Edit Your Wardrobe and Shop!

Once you've learned your color type, you are ready to edit your wardrobe and start shopping for some new colors! You'll want your color fan to take with you when you shop and it's an amazing tool to color check the clothes in your closet.

Step 3: Learn How To Wear Your Colors In Stylish Ways

Now the fun begins! You thought learning your colors was fun?! You bet it was and NOW, you get to learn how to express yourself, in your amazing way, through wearing different colors. Can this BE anymore fun? Sorry, I just watched a ton of Friends episodes lately. :-)

Your color guide is the companion to your color fan. It breaks down your color palette into different categories so that you'll know what color to wear for any occasion or mood. Going on a date or out with friends? Have a formal event and you want to wear something besides black? Want to make a bold statement? Want to feel grounded? Your color guide will show you, with outfit ideas and color combinations, how to wear your colors so that you can creatively express yourself.

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