Bright, Cool and Medium Color Fan


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  • We’re making room for the new color fans. The new color fans will be two shrink wrapped sets of cards with a hole drilled through them.
  • You will receive one pack of all the colors in your color palette and one pack of all the Cool & Universal Neutrals.
  • Each page will be one full color with the color name, color wheel number and temperature 
  • You will have access to an online guide that will show you tips on how to customize your collection of colors
  • The colors are updated and tweaked. The new color fans will be a higher price point, so don’t miss out on getting the current color fan at a HUGE discount

Your color fan 
will make shopping fun and easy.

Your color fan will include your complete color palette plus neutrals.

Here are the details of your color fan:

  • 44 Colors
  • 14 Neutrals
  • Your best colors are marked with asterisks
  • Small and compact to easily fit into your purse: 2” wide x  3.5” long
  • 23 pages of 14pt silk finish card stock 
  • Screw fastener
  • Shrink wrapped to prevent damage during shipping

Just slide your color fan into your purse… you are ready to shop! 

In seasonal color analysis, the Bright, Cool & Medium Color Palette Cards align best with Cool Summer

Not sure of your color type, then get my Color Style Kit.

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How To Use Your Color Fan

  1. Spy an item in a color you like (preferably LOVE)
  2. Open your fan to the color that best matches the item’s color
  3. Hold the page against the item to see if it’s a match
  4. Is it close enough? WIN!
  5. Add it to your closet
  6. Graciously receive compliments when you wear your best colors

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 2 × .25 in


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