How To Create Your Perfect Wardrobe


Discover How To Create A Closet of Clothes
That Perfectly Suits Your Coloring, Lifestyle and Personality

Each Guide is a 38 page e-book that guides you through the process of creating a mix-and-match wardrobe that is in your best colors and suits your personality and lifestyle. 

  • Photo examples of the different types of items recommended for your lifestyle
  • One guide for cooler weather and one guide for warmer weather, since your color choices and items will likely change season to season.
  • Create a color palette of 7 colors, including neutrals, that act like a blueprint for editing your wardrobe
  • Follow along with each section as you edit your wardrobe.
  • Each guide has 8 outfits created from the casual and business-casual set, to show you how you can create a wardrobe with endless possibilities!

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I just purchased your guide to creating a perfect wardrobe.  Wow!  You did such a great job of putting this guide together.  I am bright & warm, and a visual learner, and this guide is so great!  Thank you for all the work you put into it.  I’m very impressed, and excited to play in my closet!

~ Susan Bygren

Discover How To Create A Closet of Clothes
That Perfectly Suits Your Coloring, Lifestyle and Personality

Once you have identified your perfect colors, you’re going to be inspired to clean out and organize your closet!

You’re going to want to get rid of all the clothes that simply don’t flatter you. The easiest way to do this is by removing all colors that don’t fall into your seasonal color palette. There’s no point in wearing clothes that make you look tired and lifeless.

This a new chapter for you. A more vibrant, stylish and beautiful you is ready to be seen! And you deserve a wardrobe loaded with clothes that are in your perfect colors AND fit your personality and lifestyle.

So, where do you begin?

What pieces of clothing should you start with? Building your perfect wardrobe is more than just buying clothes in your perfect colors. If you do that, you risk having a bunch of clothes that don’t go together and you’ll end up staring at your closet saying, “I have nothing to wear.” Right?

Your perfect wardrobe should be smart. IMAGINE picking out a top and creating 3 to 5 stylish outfits with the other items in your closet. Each outfit perfectly suits your colors, personality and lifestyle. How fun is that?!

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Here’s how the guide can help you build your perfect wardrobe:

STEP 1: Using your digital color palette, found on this blog, remove all items that glaringly don’t fit in your color palette.

STEP 2: Using your Perfect Wardrobe guide, you’re going to design and create a color palette that you will base your wardrobe on. Sure, you can add in any color from your palette… but this exercise ensures that any item you purchase will go with other items in your closet. Nothing’s worse than buying a great looking top, only to have nothing to wear it with. So, it just sits in your closet… all sad. We don’t want sad, lonely clothes! Right?

STEP 3: Define your lifestyle. Do you have a corporate job? Do you work in a business-casual environment? Is your lifestyle mostly casual? Do you like dressing up a bit when going out with friends? Do you have date night or go out on dates?

STEP 4: Go through the guide and identify what you’re missing in your closet to create your perfect wardrobe. Where are the holes? Each chapter is for a clothing category… like “Tops”. Then, I’ve divided each category into 3 lifestyles… “Corporate”, “Business-Casual” and “Casual Everyday”. Choose items from 1, 2 or all 3 categories. Whatever makes sense for YOU.

STEP 5: Shop and have fun!!

IMAGINE having a wardrobe that’s loaded with items that mix and match perfectly.

IMAGINE dressing with confidence every single day.

IMAGINE all the compliments you’ll receive wearing stylish, pulled-together outfits in your perfect colors.

This process is so much fun… and I want to help you make the best of it.

The “How To Create Your Perfect Wardrobe” e-books are going to be your “go-to” guides.

Have fun and wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

PS. How To Create Your Perfect Wardrobe is an e-book and will be made available for download immediately after purchase. The guide is a PDF file that can easily be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader, iBooks or any PDF reader.

PSS. If you’re struggling to figure out your color type, then take my free online quiz.

or let me personally help you by signing up for a professional color analysis.


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