How To Wear Illuminating - 3 Outfit Ideas
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3 Ways To Wear Illuminating

3 Ways To Wear Illuminating

Illuminating is a light to medium yellow. It is very bright and tends to lean to a greyish yellow when seen in person. Cool individuals can wear this color best. If it is too bright for you wear it as a bottom or accessory.

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If you love this color but it just doesn't flatter you, wear it as a bottom or accessory. Need more ideas and inspiration?

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I've pulled together 3 outfit ideas using the same Illuminating top to inspire you this week.

Outfit Idea #1

Pair Illuminating or a golden yellow with an olive green which also happens to a be a trending color of the season. This is also a monochromatic look. A warm yellow with a little bit of black becomes a warm olive green.

Outfit Idea #2

Pair illuminating with pale rosette, another trending color fo the season. This is more of an analogous color scheme with the hues next to each other on the color wheel. Loving the neutral trench and bag.

Outfit Idea #3

Keep it simple with pairing yellow with a cool denim blue and neutrals.

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Jennifer Thoden


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