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Color Analysis - FAQs

Color Analysis Terminology | Undertones | Blondes | Seasonal Color Analysis

I get asked a LOT of questions about color analysis - which I LOVE - and I thought it would be helpful to collect my responses on to one page for you. As this page grows, I will organize the questions by common topic or theme. I hope this helps you discover what colors looks best on you. If you're struggling to figure out what types of colors look good on you take the color analysis quiz.

Color Analysis Terminology

  • Color Analysis Terminology
  • Bright Clear Chroma?
  • Soft Muted Chroma?

Color Analysis Terminology

In this video, I explain the common color analysis terms you hear across all the color analysis systems. You hear terms like bright, soft, clear, toned, cool, warm, etc. I explain what they all mean plus show you a few photos of women that represent each of these terms.

Bright Clear Chroma?

In colour analysis, we hear the words bright, clear and chroma all used in different ways. What does it all mean?

Soft Muted Chroma?

Jen explains the terms soft, muted and chroma. Color systems use these words interchangeably. Watch this video and learn how they might describe you and what that means for the colors you might wear.


  • Neutral Undertones
  • Warm Undertones Explained
  • Auburn Hair - Cool Undertones or Warm Undertones?


Neutral Undertones

Jen explains how she sees neutral undertones and why you still may not be completely neutral.

Warm Undertones Explained

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Auburn Hair - Cool Undertones or Warm Undertones?

Does Auburn Hair make you have cool or warm undertones?

Color Analysis For Blondes

Blonde, Hazel Eyes, and Pale - Where do I fit?

I have dishwater blonde hair, hazel eyes and fair cool skin. Where do I fit?

Seasonal Color Analysis

  • What is a Light Summer in Your Color Style? Bright, Soft, Cool?
  • What is the difference between Soft Summer and Soft Autumn?

What is a Light Summer in Your Color Style? Bright, Soft, Cool?

In Your Color Style, Jen describes a light summer as bright cool and light. This is confusing because in the seasons, a summer is described as cool and slightly muted. Jen explains why she describes light summers and cool summers as bright and not soft.

Soft Summer vs. Soft Autumn

Jen compares soft summer vs soft autumn from seasonal color analysis, but she explains it in terms of Your Color Style. She shows you examples of soft summer celebrities and soft autumn celebrities.

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