Color Analysis for Red Hair - Bright or Soft?
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Color Analysis for Red Hair - Bright or Soft?

Color Analysis for Red Hair - Bright or Soft?

Jen walks you through the color analysis methodology of Your Color Style for red hair. This includes auburn hair, bright copper hair and strawberry blonde hair. This video shows the first step of learning what types of colors flatter you best. Are you bright or soft?

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Jennifer Thoden


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  • Are redheads always warm, their whole lives? I was born with medium strawberry blonde/auburn hair and as I got older it darkened. It looks much ashier now. Although there’s still hints of strawberry blonde, especially around my temples, the under layer of my hair is a cool brown. It looks almost green compared to the redder parts of my hair. Am I cool now?
    Your Color Style replied:

    Your undertones do not change. If you are confident you had warm undertones in your early 20s, then you have warm undertones now. I can’t say for sure if you are warm or cool based on what you’ve described because I’ve seen several strawberry blondes that have cool undertones. I find, often, that people with red and auburn hair have warm undertones though. Do you wear magenta pink well or tomato red well? I’m guessing tomato red. If so, then you are warm


    - T

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