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Color Analysis Q&A: Bright or Soft? Blue eyes, Ash Brown Hair

Color Analysis Q&A: Bright or Soft? Blue eyes, Ash Brown Hair

Jen answers a color analysis question from her Ask Jen page.

Hello from England!

First off, thanks for your great site - it's really helpful and easy to understand.

The reason I'm emailing you is to see if I might be able to get your help on deciding if I'm bright or soft. I followed your quiz and read through "What colors look good on me?" and think I'm probably 'cool' but when it comes to bright vs soft, I'm completely stumped!

I think I'm likely to be a 'Soft Level 2' according to your description (grey-blue eyes, naturally ashy hair (dyed blonde), medium-ish contrast). Maybe this is correct, BUT when I look at the colour wheels for bright and soft, I realise I've always been drawn to the bright colours, and dislike many of the soft ones (oranges, yellows, greens, and especially all the purples and pinks).

So I suppose this email has a twofold question: a) Did I get the assessment wrong or am I indeed soft and cool? and b) If I am soft and cool, I suppose soft colours would suit me better than bright ones, which I instinctively prefer? In other words, have I just always been drawn to colours that don't suit me?

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