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Color Analysis Q&A: Bright Warm Light but wears bright cool deep

Color Analysis Q&A: Bright Warm Light but wears bright cool deep

Jen responds to a question through her Ask Jen page.

Hi Jen,

I’m really interested in color and beauty and I’ve been follow your work for a long time and really appreciate it! I have started se the natural coloring in the women around me and find it very interesting. In this corona times I spend most time at home, don’t wear make up and are still pale from winter its gets obvious for me that I need to wear my best colors and hair color.

However I have a hard time categorize myself into yourcolorstyle (and other color systems as well). I’m Swedish and have a typical “modern Nordic coloring” with mainly dark blonde hair with light brown under hair as my natural hair color. I have light green eyes with some yellow sparks inside and a deep blue green ring around them. My skin is fair and have been categorized of many makeup artist as warm.

However I think it’s hard to determine my own undertone because I have rosacea on my checks, nose and chin. So my guess is that I’m warm, light and bright. However this type of color palette doesn’t suit me, especially not the naturals. Warm whites and beige is my worth colors.

I look good in color for bright, cool and deep (except pastels and mainly purple). My best colors is true white, black (specially in combo), navy, burgundy, clear blue and red. Clear or dark colors. Can I have the characteristics described above and still (almost) belong in an other palette ? Please find attached pictures wearing to make up for reference. Best regards


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