Create A Life You Truly Love
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Create A Life You Truly Love

Create A Life You Truly Love

Do you have this nagging feeling that you should be happier with your life but you aren´t? That you are not living your full potential, that something is missing? Or maybe you know exactly what you want but are too afraid to follow your dreams?

I so hear you.

I know how intimidating and difficult it can be to try and follow your true calling. But I´m here to tell you that it IS POSSIBLE for you, that you are meant to live YOUR TRUE YOU.

And I want to introduce you to someone who CAN help you tap into your inner power and create the life you truly love.

My friend Alexandra Deubner, Transformational and Empowerment Coach from Austria, knows the challenges you may be facing today on your quest to find and follow your true calling. She struggled for years until she found the courage to listen to her heart and follow her purpose and now she wants to support YOU in finding and following YOUR True You as well.

As her first True You Show was such a success, she created a second online show called

THE TRUE YOU SHOW 2.0.: Courageously Create A Life You Truly Love – Especially in These Challenging Times (June 8-28).

In this 21-day free online event, top experts from all over the world share their strategies and personal success stories on how they found and followed their true calling and how you can do too – especially in these challenging times.

So if you want to live a fulfilled, successful, empowered and authentic life, but don´t know quite how – this show is for you.

I have a FREE ticket to attend The True You Show 2.0 from June 8-28 - You can register using this link

Throughout this event, you will receive daily video interviews from over 20 experts (including me!) on topics like transformation, mindset (let’s get rid of these limiting beliefs!), success, goal setting and empowerment (yess!). These interviews are real conversations that allow you to gain the tools – and the inspiration – you need to follow your true passion and calling in life.

And you´ll get many, many free gifts as well to support you in reaching your dreams.

So let me ask you this: What is it worth to you to hear incredibly valuable tips and real advice on how to find and follow your True You and courageously create a life you truly love?

For me, it’s worth A LOT, which is why I will not only be a speaker, but I’ll be attending too!

Reserve your spot at no cost here

So looking forward to seeing you at the show.


Jen Thoden

P.S. The best time to rise is NOW – so if you want to get unstuck and start living the most awesome life possible, sign up for The True You Show 2.0 now! It´s FREE!

Jennifer Thoden


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