Gail's Picks and Passes for June 2023
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Gail's Picks and Passes for June 2023

Gail's Picks and Passes for June 2023
It’s that time again, the monthly roundup of my Picks & Passes in fashion. Remember, this is my opinion based on the trending styles, so as always, wear what you love!

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The Short Suit is the look of the season. With a nod back to the early 80s, this monochromatic suit is bringing back good memories for many Gen X gals. The suit is a great look for dinner out, a shower, or shopping. Wear with a neutral top or a pattern and coordinating statement accessories. I prefer a short heel or flat shoe with the look, with the D’Orsay sandal or a loafer being great choices. Since you can always remove the jacket, this is a great go to when the days are hot, but evenings are still cool or breezy. To keep the proportions right for you, follow your usual guidelines for the jacket.
Bermuda shorts are giving us more of that 80s vibe! This length is super wearable and flattering. Choose a slightly widened leg for an A-line look that makes the waist look smaller. Super tall and slim gals may like the straight cut for a different option. Petite ladies will benefit from a shorter version, while tall gals can rock the nearly knee-length version. In solids or prints, these shorts are a winner!
Brightly colored loafers…remember Weejuns? Well, they are back, but better. We are seeing brightly colored loafers, as well as contrasting versions like a black and white mix. What a great way to bring back an old favorite with a new feel. These bold color choices keep them looking classic, but with a more fun and feminine twist. Match a pair to the short suit for a fabulous monochromatic look. 
Tiny floral prints ala Little House on the Prairie as not very flattering or interesting. I am looking for this whole peasant look to disappear soon, so don’t be loading up on these prints.
Overly distressed jeans just look sloppy. For a more refind look, choose a pair with just a few holes to keep it edgy, but non distressed styles are trending.
Short shorts are out, being replaced by the Bermuda discussed above. Face it, are these ever our best choice? If you have great legs and want a shorter pair of shorts, go for a paper bag or trouser version for style and sophistication and leave the Daisy Dukes to the teenagers.
Until next month, Happy Shopping!
Gail Scott

Gail Scott

Gail Scott is Creative Director for Style and Beauty. She is a makeup expert and personal stylist. If you would like professional advice with Gail, please sign up for her exclusive 2-hour 1:1 session. Or schedule a 15 minute Style Chat with Gail to ask your questions.


  • What is considered short? I tend to like a 3 to 5 inch inseam.
    Your Color Style replied:

    3 to 5" is considered short. :-)


    - Cindy
  • Hi, Gail. I totally agree with you. Distressed denim on anyone over sixteen going through their teenage tribal annoy your parent’s phase just looks sloppy and super small florals look very old lady to me except on a very petite woman with a delicate build and facial features.

    - Kathie Lou
  • Ouch! I just bought a small floral print top. Anyway, good to know. Thanks Gail!

    - Margaret

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