How To Have Outrageous Courage and Confidence
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How To Have Outrageous Courage and Confidence

How To  Have Outrageous Courage and Confidence

Watch these amazing interviews


  • How being capable of having a vision of what is possible for you is key to engaging the passion necessary to take confident steps forward in life and work.
  • How the self-awareness practice of journaling saved a successful fashion designer from ongoing depression as she learned to confidently listen to her own voice.
  • How the perspectives we hold of ourselves can set us free to risk being more - the more we have always wanted to be.
  • How the society we live in subtly and deeply impacts our self-image and our heavy negative judgments on ourselves; and how seeing the problem relieves our shame and self-doubt.
  • How even during a time of massive uncertainty, in this time of Covid, there is hope to be had, and people - many people - working on making the world better for all of us.
  • How many types of healing modalities are available to anyone in any state of being, because there are just so many of them.
  • How many people there are doing good in the world, and how many of them are just like you are, moving forward through their fears, doubts and self-judgments to be a force for good. Just as you can be.

These interviews are REAL, to-the-point conversations. You will feel that you know the speakers in more than a skin-deep way, and therefore their message will hold more meaning and applicability for you. Because I know you don’t have time for or interest in fluff. Neither do I.

So, let me ask you this: Would it be worth it to you to brush away the misconceptions and hampering beliefs that make you stop when you would rather go forward? Would it be worth it to you to have access to both internal and external insight, information and inspiration when it comes to being courageous and confident in your own endeavors?

To me, it is ENORMOUSLY worth it, which is why I will not only be a speaker, but I will also be attending.

See you there!


Jen Thoden

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Jennifer Thoden


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