How To Wear Tawny Port
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How To Wear Tawny Port

How To Wear Tawny Port
Tawny Port is one of the trending colors of Fall/Winter 2017. Tawny Port is a cool, reddish, purpley brown. It is a cool deep neutral in the Your Color Style™ system. People who are cool and deep can wear this color next to their face. Otherwise wear it as a bottom or away from your face. Last weekend, I went shopping. Walking into most of the mainstream stores, all I saw were the 10 Pantone colors for Fall/Winter 2017. If you follow this blog or my newsletter, you already know that there were going to be 10 colors that you will see everywhere in stores this season. Sure enough... the stores were loaded with these 10 colors... and I saw a LOT of Tawny Port. I mean, every store had it on at least one mannequin. That color is EVERYWHERE! From a stylist and business perspective, I got seriously inspired! Because this is why I created my Fall/Winter color fans! You see these trendy colors... you look at your color fan to see how to wear that color for YOU. I love this! Back to my shopping moment... It was very eye opening to see the 10 colors mixed together. Tawny Port, in particular, was paired up with almost every color. Some combos were trendy but all looked very interesting and on point. Some of the stores even had tops that had the colors already together. Bonus! To help you shop Tawny Port, I put the colors together for you to help you wear this very popular color. On the left, I paired Tawny Port with Autumn Maple. This is a pretty trendy combo. If you have warm undertones, wear the warm combo. Cool undertones wear the Tawny Port on top. Over on the right, you see Neutral Gray combined with Tawny Port. This is a very easy color combination to wear. Neutral Gray is universal and can be worn by anyone. Keep in mind that Tawny Port is a pretty deep color and may be too dark for you, even if you have cool undertones. For the best look, be sure you have some depth to your coloring... deep eyes or hair. Next, I combined Tawny Port with Golden Lime... another trendy combination. If you have warm undertones, wear Golden Lime on top. Marina blue, on the right, is a fresh universal color. This will look good on everyone. So, find a marina blue sweater or blouse and pair it with a pair of Tawny Port pants. Butterum is paired with Tawny Port on the left. Butterum is a warm neutral. This is an interesting twist on wearing 2 neutrals together. I kinda love it. On the right is Shaded Spruce which is a deep teal. It is a universal color but it is pretty deep. The color combos on the right are really for people with deep features. The last set of colors are combinations I saw in the stores. I actually saw tops with both Grenadine and Tawny Port together. I saw dresses with Ballet Slipper and Tawny Port together. These are really fun! Grenadine is for warm undertones, so wear that on top. Ballet Slipper is cool, so the combo on the right is really for people with cool undertones. I hope this helps you with some ideas as you go shopping this season. I highly recommend you get your 2017 Fall/Winter color fan... it has all of the 10 trending colors... and each color is paired with 6 colors from YOUR color palette. So, you don't have to guess when you see a color that you're not sure how to wear.

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