Midlife Matters - Your Color Style - Chroma
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Midlife Matters - Your Color Style - Chroma

Midlife Matters - Your Color Style - Chroma

Join us on Clubhouse this Thursday March 11 at 4:30pm EST

Clubhouse is an iPhone app. You can only join through invitation only. To be invited, a person must have you in their contacts list. Every member of Clubhouse is given a small number of invites. You may already have friends on ClubHouse. Ask around and see if you can get an invite.

I will be recording the sessions and sharing the audio on my podcast, so if you can't get access yet, you'll still be able to listen to it after. But if you CAN get into ClubHouse you should. You'll be able to ask me questions live and meet some amazing people.


Jennifer Thoden


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