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Online Color Analysis Case Study 02: Vicki - Your Color Style with Jen Thoden

Vicki read warm to me. Not just because of her auburn hair, but her skin seemed warm to me as well. Her eyes are bright and blue. At first, I thought Vicki was soft. She seemed to have a softness about her. But when I put her bright red lips on her inside the bright color wheel, it became clear to me that she looks best in colors from the bright color wheel. Inside of the bright and cool color wheel, she starts to turn grey. Not great. I also put a warm lip on her and a cool lip. The cool lip looked wrong on her, where as the warm lip looked perfect. She is definitely warm. The last step is her depth. She has medium hair and eyebrows. So, she can wear the second darkest ring of the bright color wheel. Watch the video as I quickly walk through steps of the Your Color Style™ color system... Would you like to know your best colors using Your Color Style™ color system?

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Jen Thoden

Jennifer Thoden


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