September Color Palette of the Month
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September Color Palette of the Month

September Color Palette of the Month

The color palette of the month is a fun way to play with color in your life. This is a harmonious color palette, which means these colors were all created using just 3 colors. Therefore, they all go together in interesting ways. Use these colors as a prompt to see what two or three colors you can pull together. Try it in an outfit or in a space in your home. Maybe play with the colors in your journal or with a flower arrangement. You do you. Have fun with this! Share your creative color combos in the Your Color Style Facebook!

Want a printer friendly version of this color palette? ColorStyle Members have access to the Color Lab, where they receive the following each month:

  • A video lesson on how this color palette was created with a limited set of colors, creating a harmonious color palette. We dive deep into color theory and color balance here. Plus, you'll learn which colors suit which color types.
  • A printer friendly PDF of this color palette. The file is in CMYK and prints nicely on an inkjet printer.
  • A color wheel with these colors so that you can see which colors are warm and which are cool.
  • A DIY project to create your own color palette flip book so that you can easily create stylish color combinations.

See all that the ColorStyle Membership has to offer.

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September Color Palette of the Month

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