How To Wear Coral for Your Undertones
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Ways to Wear Coral

Ways to Wear Coral

Coral is one of the colors we think of when it comes to Spring and Summer fashion. It's bold and bright and just so pretty! A combination of red, yellow, and white, the color reminds us of a beautiful flower or a colorful sunset. So let's discuss how to wear this amazing color - Coral. For our purposes, we will be discussing a spectrum from deep peaches to light reds.

Is Coral A Universal Color?

Is Coral a Universal Color

One thing that  you will often hear about coral is that it is a universal shade. Universal shades are those that can be worn by most anyone. They are "universally" flattering.

So is CORAL a universal color? Many say so, but others say that it isn't. It really depends on what shade you are talking about. A very well balanced coral, that isn't too warm or too cool is flattering on most skin tones and color types. The amount of white that is added will make the shade softer or brighter, giving us a range from deep salmon to warm red. Keep in mind that true Coral has more red and is bolder and brighter than Peach and Salmon. 

The fact is that coral looks great on a the majority of people! So find your perfect shade with the tips below and step out in it this Summer.

TIP: The true universal shades can feel cooler or warmer depending on what they are worn with. Below and in Part 2, we will discuss shades to pair with corals.

Warm Corals


Warm Corals

So which shade of coral is best for you? Let's look at warm and cool versions in a variety of depths and chromas. Here we have "warm corals".

Notice that they are more orange than red or pink. These will look best on those with warm coloring. If you have bright coloring, choose shades that are "pure or clear" in their chroma, with nothing adding to soften them. 

If you have softer coloring, choose shades with lots of white added to them. Look closely at the Salmon shade, it has white added to it, which gives it a creamy appearance. The softer your coloring, the more white you will want in this color. Bright, warm, deep color types will look amazing in the Tomato Red, while soft, warm, light to medium color types will look fantastic in the Salmon shade.

Cool Corals

Cool Corals

If you have cool coloring, you will look to the deep warm pinks and light reds for your perfect coral. You want the shades with more red than yellow. They will appear less orange and more like a bold warm pink or a light red. Adding white will again make the shade softer.

In the graphic above, the lightest shade, Warm Pink, has the most white added, followed by the Light Red. Clear Red is a pure chroma, with no white added. Try to train your eye to see the white and the softness versus the brightness of the shades. Bright, cool, deep color types will look best in the brightest and boldest of corals, like Clear Red. If you are soft and light to medium, look for the lighter shades with more white added, they will not be overwhelming against your coloring.

How To Wear Warm Coral

How To Wear Warm Coral

Pairing coral with the correct shades for your color type will help you to wear it successfully. If you coloring is warm, pair coral with warm shades. When you wear coral in this way it will feel warmer. In this look, we've paired a warmer coral with a warm neutral pant, and the entire looks feel very warm. We would complete the look with warm accessories and makeup, which we will discuss in Part 2 of this month's blog.

How To Wear Cool Coral

How To Wear Cool Coral

If you are cool in your coloring, pair coral with other cool shades. It will immediately feel cooler against your skin tone. Here we have paired a cooler coral with bright white, and the look feels very cool. Completing the look with cool accessories and makeup will bring harmony and make it feel even cooler. Again, we will go deeper into this concept in Part 2, coming later this month.


If this is all overwhelming to you, start by learning your color type. Take the free color quiz and begin your color journey.

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