Ways to Wear the February Color Palette of the Month
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Ways to Wear the February Color Palette of the Month

Ways to Wear the February Color Palette of the Month

Baby, it’s cold outside, for most parts of the country anyway. Although some parts of the country will see some February days that remind us Spring is coming. So it’s a great time to talk about options for layering, keeping warm when needed, and the option to remove a layer if needed. The February “Your Color Style” Color Palette has some great shades to look for in these pieces.

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Cardigan Sweaters are a huge trend that is also very practical. They come in every shape, color, and length, so there is one that works for every woman.

Choose your type based on your body shape. Longer than hip or car coat length looks best on taller bodies. Deep v options can add the illusion of height. Short options with petite buttons and details look best on petite frames. A buttonless option with flowy edges can soften the look of a larger middle. Ones with a straighter opening work well over a defined column, keeping the vertical line going. A higher collar around the back of the neck can serve to bring the color up around the face. If you have sloping shoulders, look for options with defined shoulder seams and possibly a puff sleeve. If your shoulders are more prominent, choose a less shaped option.

Cardis can be worn many different ways and dressed up or down. A full button-up cardigan can be worn as any other sweater. If you need a more open neck, leave the top button unfastened to create a slight V. Add a statement necklace close to the neckline for interest. Worn open, cardigans can make a great 3rd piece over a column. If the column is neutral, add a sweater with color or pattern, if the column is a bold color, consider a topper in a neutral shade. The straighter the edge of the cardigan opening, the more it preserves the vertical line of the column. Choose your length based on your height and shape. The longest options should be reserved for our taller gals. A printed cardigan can be a way to tie a look together bringing in multiple colors. It can become the star of the look, while maintaining a cool, effortless vibe, and a comfortable feel. With any of these options, pay attention to details like the shape of the sleeve and shoulder, button size, and pocket placement.

The classic denim jacket is back in new and fresh ways. We are seeing it in all colors and in fabrics other than denim. Twill, velvet and corduroy are being used in the same classic shape, making the jacket feel new. Choose one with proportions that are on point with your frame and make sure details like pockets work with your shape. For instance, if you are larger in the breast, look for an option without pockets on the breasts. Also, look for longer options with a shapely waist area if the shorter ones make you look boxy. Darting can make all the difference in these jackets, so look closely to see that the jacket comes in to define a waist or the illusion of one.

Shackets have been a go-to for many the past two Winters. They can give that cozy, comfy vibe while adding needed warmth. They are constructed of thicker, bulkier fabrics like flannel and quilted plaid wools, so if you do not need that added "visual weight”, you might want to avoid these. They are usually boxy and boyish in shape, so add a belt or tuck in your top underneath to define your waist.

Blazers have been having a HOT moment. They are such a fun 3rd piece and again, there is one for every shape and personality. The number of buttons and their placement, as well as overall shape and length, guide our selection. The one button is a classic that can elongate the body but doesn’t work well for busty gals. A two button will add more coverage for larger breasts, and with the right seaming and shape can accentuate the waist. Double-breasted options will look best on tall figures with a defined waist. And the short boxy options will be best for our petite ladies. These jackets are not just for the office, they are being worn with graphic tees and jeans with a nod to 80s grunge, but they can still be dressed up and very feminine. As with the cardigan sweaters, consider your shoulders in your choice. If you have sloping shoulders, look for an option with shoulder pads, or a puff shoulder, if you have a strong shoulder, look for a less structured option in a softer fabric. Blazers can be a great item to find secondhand, as they have come in and out of style over the years. Find one with a great cut and update the buttons for a fresh look. Also, try styling them with the elasticized sleeve stays so that you can push up the sleeve to a shorter, casual length.

Final advice: look for the shapes that are right for your body. Choose garments in your signature color or best neutral, or look for a pattern that brings your personal palette together in a new way. Mix them with t-shirts and sweatshirts for a modern twist, or go classic with a great white, cream, or chambray button-up. The blazers can go all the way from the street grunge trend to the equestrian trend, so one great purchase can give you lots of options.

Happy Dressing!



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  • Love the soft coral jean jacket and the short peach blazer. I have a short torso even though I am 5’6", so always on the look for shorter cardigans and jackets. Wish I could read the brand name on the jackets shown. Hope these styles might be included on the style guide coming out March 1. Thanks for all the inspiration Jen and Gail!

    - Adonna Holbrooks

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