What Colors Look Good On You If You Look Like Kim Kardashian
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What Colors Look Good On You If You Look Like Kim Kardashian

If you have similar features to Kim Kardashian, then this post will help you figure out what colors look best on you. Kim has dark brown eyes, dark brown hair and olive skin tone. If you search for seasonal color analysis for Kim Kardashian, you'll find that she is typed as a Deep Autumn and as a Deep Winter. Based on the photos that are out there, I can see why she's typed as both. But Kim is not both. I'm going to give Kim an online color analysis using my Your Color Style™ system to determine what colors look best on her.

Step 1: Is Kim Bright or Soft?

Kim is clearly bright. This means she wears colors from the bright color wheel. Colors from the soft color wheel, that are muted with grey, don't really do much for her. But putting a clear bright red on her lips looks amazing. A person who is soft could never pull off a bright red lipstick. Kim Kardashian is bright.

Step 2: Is Kim Warm or Cool?

This is where I think many color analysts get it wrong. Someone who is as deep as Kim, can be seen as neutral. Their darkness sometimes hides the details that tell if you she is warm or cool. Her eyes don't give you a clue and her hair is so dark. Depending on the photograph you see of her, she could appear golden at times. But the reality is, I've only seen Kim Kardashian in a true red. True red is a neutral color and can be worn by both warm and cool people. So, this doesn't tell us anything. However, when I put a dramatically cool color on her lips, she looks amazing. Right at home. She doesn't look "bad" in the warm colors, but when you look that good in cool colors, you are cool. If she had warm undertones, she would not be able to pull off that bright magenta lip. Kim Kardashian is Bright & Cool. Kim Kardashian Online Color Analysis

Step 3: Is Kim Deep, Medium or Light?

The rule of thumb is to never wear a color darker than your darkest feature. This tells you which rings of the color wheel (if any) to eliminate. Kim is deep. She can wear all the rings of the bright color wheel. Here's a photo of her in a super deep magenta and plum: Kim Kardashian is Bright, Cool and Deep in the Your Color Style™ system. She can wear all of the cool colors on the bright color wheel plus the universal colors. If you have similar coloring to Kim Kardashian, you may be Bright, Cool and Deep. Click here to get your Bright, Cool and Deep color palette to have on your phone for shopping. Are you struggling to figure out what colors look good on you? Sign up for a Professional Online Color Analysis today and let's figure it out. Don't waste one more dollar on clothes that don't look right on you. Click here to learn more and sign up. Jen Thoden

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