What's Your Theme? - Daily Confidence 23
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What's Your Theme? - Daily Confidence 23

I started something new about a year ago... inspired by my life coach now business coach. Whenever I design goals for my business, we put a theme around it. Like EXPAND or SCALE or CREATE FUN. We do this at each quarter and for the year.

I love the idea of a theme because it helps me weed out tasks and shiny objects that don't align with the overarching theme. It keeps me focused.

I loved this idea so much that I started implementing the theme concept into my personal life. This year, my theme is SIMPLIFY & STREAMLINE. I am a very scattered person. Blame it on my creative brain or my ADHD but I do not think in linear terms. Which then causes me to lose my keys often... forget what I was supposed to do... misplace important documents... etc.

My life isn't chaos but it's a bit of a disorganized mess. So, my theme is simple. Any tasks, projects and ideas should fit under this theme. Editing my wardrobe and donating. Do I really need 3 red sweaters? Less is more. Installing Quickbooks to help me manage my finances. Getting Joe to help me stay accountable with scanning in documents so that I can find them later.

I now have 2 journals... brightly colored of course. One for personal and one for business. I treat them like bullet journals. Anything that pops in my head that I believe will simplify or streamline my business or my personal life goes in the journal. I'm also considering hiring a personal assistant that can handle some of these tasks (streamline). Maybe in 6 months once my finances are more organized. Maybe hiring a bookkeeper is a better start?

I haven't started this one yet... but reduce my emails. I have over 100k of email sitting in my inbox. Judge me if you must but it seems I have an email hoarder gene. I just can't bring myself to delete anything. The struggle is real.

But simplify isn't just to-do's. It's simplify in eating and cooking. Streamline in planning meals for the week. Do I really need a Starbucks mocha when I am just as happy with a shot of espresso from my Nespresso machine at home?

I've also reduced the amount of TV I watch. And let me just say, this is the hardest habit to change. I love my shows. I love being entertained and staring like a zombie at the screen in the evenings. I do. Love it. So, for now, I resist the amazing TV screen on Thursdays. It's a start.

Comment below... what's your theme for the next 3 months?

Talk to you tomorrow!


Jen Thoden

PS. Sharing is giving which is just good karma. Share this post so that others can benefit from this positive message. Thanks in advance :-)

Jennifer Thoden


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