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Step 2: Light Tones - Olive Skin Tone

Color Analysis Quiz for Olive Skin Step 2

You selected LIGHT. This means you have light eyes, hair AND light olive skin. Your hair may be a light grey blend, blonde, ashy blonde or a very light brown. Your eyes may be blue, light green or grey. 

Here is a photo of a client that has light hair, eyes and olive skin tone. Her skin appears very neutral but it has a slight green-yellow cast based on other photos she has shared with me. She gave me permission to share her photo.

Light Olive Skin Toned Woman

Here is another photo of a woman with olive skin tone, light hair and eyes. Her skin has a distinct green-yellow cast to it. Her eyes are light. Her hair is colored blonde. Based on her natural hair color, she may fall more into the medium category.

Olive Skin Tone with Blonde Hair


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Is your olive skin warm or cool?

The next step in the Your Color Style methodology is to figure out your undertones. This is where it gets interesting for olive skin tones. You have both cool and warm tones which neutralize you from having one or the other. You have almost a green undertone - both warm and cool. 

With this in mind, there is no choice at this step. We're going to break the rules of our standard color analysis process.

The Color Theory Behind Olive Skin Tone, Warm Undertones and Cool Undertones

This video explains how our skin tone interacts with our undertones, creating an olive skin tone. This is an explanation I gave my color consultants in my color analysis certification program. I've edited down to the info I believe you will find most valuable. Understanding the color theory behind undertones and skin tone can truly help you understand if you actually have olive skin tone. Plus, I explain the concept of neutral undertones.

So, what does this mean? Watch the next video to understand how having olive toned skin affects the colors you wear.

Best Color for Olive Skin Tone


Here is the range of medium cool pinks that are the best colors for olive skin tone.

Best Color for Olive Skin Tones

Based on the above video, you will find your best colors in the light and cool color palettes. In Your Color Style, we have Bright Cool Light and Soft Cool Light. If you can wear sharp bright intense colors well, then you will choose the bright cool and light color palette. If very bright colors are too strong, then the soft cool and light colors are perfect for you. 

Learn more about each of these color palettes:

Professional Color Analysis for Olive Skin Tone

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