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Deborah Boland – How To Be Fabulous After 40

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“Life is too short to be frumpy!”

Deborah Boland from the popular blog took the time to chat with me about style after 40. She shares all kinds of amazing style tips and advice for looking fabulous as you get older. Her blog,, shares outfit ideas and style tips designed to inspire us ladies to find our personal style and to look great at any age. 

This was such a fun and inspiring conversation. We talk about getting older… finding your personal style… color and so much more. Listen to the whole episode because there are tons of tips throughout the recording.

The quiz mentioned in this episode can be found at

Color Analysis of Deborah Boland

If you’re curious, Deborah is the poster child of Bright, Warm and Light. She has bright warm eyes and bright warm hair. She is light with a yellow undertone.

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