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As a Bright Level 4, is the most helpful thing I have read on the subject of any blog writer. Thank you, Jennifer Thoden. Just last week I took the plunge and cut the A and B colors off my color fan. That has been so helpful. It turns out that the darker colors were skewing my perception and causing me to think I could wear darker colors than I can.

From the desk of Jen Thoden April 25, 2018 "I don't understand it," Vicky said with a sound of distress in her voice, "I know I have warm undertones but I look awful in this color." Vicky stood before me in a bright orange dress. It was actually pretty cute with a nice A-line shape and embroidery along the bottom hemline. As cute as the dress was, she was right, the color was not right on her. I studied Vicky's coloring in her face and hair. She was right about being warm. She had warm golden brown hair and warm golden hazel eyes. She definitely had warm undertones which means warm colors should look good on her. So, why did this orange look "wrong"? "That orange is too bright for you. It is not in harmony with your natural level of intensity. Let's try this," I said as I handed her a burnt orange shawl. I gently draped it over her shoulders, covering the bright orange dress. Vicky turned to look at herself in the mirror and smile started to appear. "Wow, " she whispered. "This is perfect."

I'm going to share a secret with you that most color analysts will not share with you. Would you like to know what it is?

Pretty much all color analysis methods take into account your undertones. Whether you're warm or cool... which IS important... and yes, Your Color Style™ also takes undertones into account. BUT In my professional opinion, the MOST important thing to consider about your BEST colors is the intensity of the colors and how the colors harmonize with your intensity. For example, if you have bright sparkly eyes and bright red hair, a soft dusty pink would wash you out. Your intensity would be high and you would look best in brighter colors. The opposite is true. If you have soft grey eyes and mousy brown hair, a bright pink would be too strong on you. People would see the color before you. Your intensity is softer and you would look best in softer, less intense colors. It doesn't matter if the color is too warm or too cool, because if the intensity of the color does not harmonize with your personal intensity, it will look wrong on you. Just like with Vicky, she had picked the right HUE but the intensity was too strong for her. She looks better in colors that have been softened a little bit.

Trying to figure out your undertones has a tendency to confuse and frustrate people.

I've seen many people get to Step 2 of this process and give up because they can't figure out if they are warm or cool. I don't want you to give up! There's so much to learn! That's why I wrote these color guides. Even when you finally figure out your color palette, you're going to wonder HOW to wear your colors. There's still a RIGHT way to wear your colors. I want to speed things up for you. In my e-books ,"Bright Color Guide" and "Soft Color Guide", I show you how to wear the universal colors of the color wheel in just the right way for your level of intensity.

6 Levels of Intensity

You may already know whether you are bright or soft, but what level of intensity are you? This matters because this is how you will know what colors to wear all the time. What colors you should only wear as accents? And what colors you should AVOID? Pro Tip: You may all wear colors from the same color palette but you may wear those colors very differently. AND if you're confused on whether you are soft or bright... then these two color guides are going to be a HUGE help in figuring this out. PLUS, you'll learn how to combine your colors in the BEST way for your level of intensity. This is something no one really shows you and can make all the difference in how you pull your outfits together... and even what color lipstick to wear. HINT: Not EVERYONE looks good in Black and White patterns.

Universal Colors

Universal colors are the colors that look good on everyone no matter your undertones. There are three hues on the warm side of the color wheel plus six hues on the cool side of the color wheel. That's a total of NINE colors (hues) that will look AMAZING on you! Take into account the tints and shades of those colors and you now have 45+ colors that you can wear without ever knowing if you are warm or cool. Are you excited? I hope so. Introducing...

The BRIGHT & SOFT Color Guides

Each Color Guide is a 30 page e-book that guides you through the process of identifying what level of intensity you have and then SHOWING you which of those 45+ colors I mentioned above will look BEST on you... PLUS how to wear those colors together to look completely pulled together. We talk about contrast, patterns, jewelry, color combinations and what to avoid wearing.
  • How to determine your level of intensity. There are 3 different types of BRIGHT individuals and 3 levels of SOFT individuals.
  • Lots of photo examples to help you identify where you fit
  • Detailed color guides to help you understand what colors, jewelry and patterns will look best on you based on your level of intensity
  • Your digital color palette that will look good on you regardless of your undertones

Jen, I bought the bright and soft books and they are absolutely amazing! Now I finally know what I am. A soft 2. Perfect! I'm a soft natural like Jennifer Aniston too! I'm so stoked. I'm starting off the new year just right.


These color guides are e-books (PDF) that you will download from your account after purchase.

After going over the new Soft Guide, I am a Soft Level 3. Using hair, eyes, skin contrasts is invaluable I really like the recommended color combinations and examples. Once again I am fine-tuning my wardrobe and loving it. Jen, this is a great step by step guide that is easy to follow. Thanks

  • q-iconAre these guides for women of color?

    Yes! I’ve designed these color guides for women of all colors.

  • q-iconIs this purchase guaranteed?

    Yes! If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason within the next 60 days, please email for a refund.

  • q-iconWhy are these so inexpensive?

    Why not?! I genuinely want you to learn what colors look best on you so that you like who you see in the mirror. Your confidence will soar and your self esteem can only go up. I want you to get what you want in life.

  • q-iconI have grey hair, will this guide work for me?

    Yes! I include women of all ages and hair colors.

These color guides are e-books (PDF) that you will download from your account after purchase.

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