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February 2023
This month, we are focused on the foundational basics.

Now that you have a foundation on your color type, lets focus on getting a foundation in our wardrobes and makeup.

We will be covering the following topics this month:

Color: BASICS color palette

Shape: Flattering swimsuits for your body shape

Style: Accessories and basic wardrobe pieces, dressing for your lifestyle

Beauty: BASICS Makeup Wardrobe

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Coming Up in March 2023

A huge part of your style is your personality. We will be doing some fun exercises to learn more about ourselves and how to map our color choices to our personality. We will learn some easy formulas to pull our outfits together. Plus, how to express yourself with trends and makeup.

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Welcome to Style Masters!

It's important to know that you are never behind. The lessons each month are designed to stand on their own. They may build on a previous month's lesson, and if they do, we will make sure you know which lesson that is.

Here are a few action steps to get you started:

Last step: Get familiar with the Style Masters Library. This is where all the tutorials live. Go to the Style Masters Library and select More and the current month. You will see all of the lessons for this month. You'll likely need your Style Notebook pages to refer to as you go through the lessons.

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