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Holiday Style - December 2022 Live Call Replay

Our next live call is December 1, 2022 at 8pm EST. Gail and Jen will be sharing fun holiday style inspiration to add a little sparkle to your look.


Gail will share ideas, tips and inspiration on holiday style and color. Red is not the only color to wear for the holidays!

Jen will be showing you how to style a cami for your body shape, plus color inspiration.

PLUS, Jen will share the new December Style Notebook pages.


Live Call Schedule

Here is the schedule of live calls plus links to the recordings. 

Column Dressing - Color Party Replay November 2022

Gail shares column dressing - a fun and easy way to pull an outfit together. Plus learn how to add your own personal touch. 

"I just watched your column dressing recording and it’s the best explanation I’ve ever seen! Thanks!"

~ Debbie

October 2022 VIP Color Analysis Replay
Jen shares her color analysis for 4 VIP members in a live group. Juanita, Mary, Vicki and Mindi.
Transitioning Into Colder Weather - Color Party Replay October 2022
Watch this fun presentation on how to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. We also touch on some of the trends of the fall 2022 season.
September 2022 VIP Color Analysis Replays
September 12, 2022     September 28, 2022
Discover the Fall/Winter Trends - September 2022 Color Party Replay
We review the 2022 Fall/Winter trends in shoes, jewelry and colors. Enjoy this super fun presentation with Q&A at the end.
August 2022 VIP Color Analysis Replays
There are two color analysis replays. August 24, 2022 Agenda Deb Kadri Carol Erin Coral Carla Amber Download the PDF August 31, 2022 Agenda Te...
August 2022 Color Party Replay
Agenda: New Bright Color Wheel Signature color palette evolution PLUS trending colors Hazel Eyes - Warm or Cool? Soft or Bright? Your OTHER Ground...

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