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Style Masters

Style Notebook February 2023 - Foundational Basics
Download this month's style notebook. You will discover a lesson on your basics color palette, flattering swimsuit styles for your body shape and more. 
How To Style A Chambray Shirt for Your Body Shape - Style Notebook - January 2023
Select the link below to download your Style Notebook pages for January 2023. You will discover how to style a chambray shirt for your body shape. I will be discussing how to wear the chambray color for your color type in this month's live calls. Be sure to check out the live call schedule.
Style Notebook - December 2022
This month, I created for you several different silhouettes of outfits with a cami. Each silhouette is designed with a body shape in mind and includes guidelines on how to wear it and colors to achieve the look. Add your own style to make these your own. Print out the silhouettes that resonate with you to start your collection in your style notebook.
Style Master Style Notebook Starter Pack

Download your Style Masters Style Notebook. This is your starter pack which consists of 45 pages of exciting goodies like closet inventory sheets, body shape style sheets, style goal and exploration worksheets, eyeshadow color charts and more. Print what you want and add to your binder. Fill in what you can. Each month there will be new Style Notebook pages to add to your binder.

Style Notebook - October 2022

The theme for October 2022 is Transitions. Download your style notebook pages for October 2022

Style Notebook - September 2022

The theme for September 2022 is Fall Trends. Download your style notebook pages for September 2022

Style Notebook - August 2022

The theme for August 2022 is Signature Color Palettes. Download your style notebook pages for August 2022

Style Notebook - July 2022

The theme for July 2022 is Harmonious Color Palettes. Download your style notebook pages for July 2022

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