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Welcome to a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and style evolution! If you're a midlife woman ready to embrace your unique beauty and cultivate a wardrobe that reflects your authentic self, you're in the right place. The "Style Masters" program is designed just for you, offering a transformative experience.

Are you in the midst of a whirlwind of change?

My Own Journey to Confidence

Now, back to you, my radiant friend.
Ever feel like you’re in a style rut,
unable to express the incredible woman you truly are?
It happens to the best of us,
especially when life's changes throw us off balance.

"I finally like what I see."

I have gone from rarely posting photos of myself to wanting to share them all, not out of vanity, but just because this is so darned cool to see the difference!!! I trust you know what I mean

So today, I can look at my photo and really like what I see. I'm even ok with the wrinkles & loving my gray lol. Thank you to Jen Vax and Gail and all of you for your comments, friendship & teaching me to feel my best Hugs!!!


Does this sound like you?

"I wake up, and it feels like life has orchestrated a symphony of changes - gray hair, weight gain, menopause, the echoes of an empty nest, and the uncertainty of new beginnings. I'm overwhelmed, stuck in a rhythm that doesn't quite match my own."

"Every time I look in the mirror, I feel a pang of sadness. Where did the radiant, confident version of myself go? Life's changes have dimmed that inner light, and the mirror reflects someone I don't recognize. The low self-esteem blues are playing loud, drowning out the melody of self-love."

"I open my closet, and instead of a curated collection that sings my story, it's a cacophony of chaos. Too many clothes, yet nothing captures the essence of the woman I'm becoming. My wardrobe reflects the dissonance I feel within."


Imagine waking up every day excited about the reflection in the mirror. Envision stepping into each day with confidence, dressed in a way that resonates with your true self. What if you could effortlessly navigate life's changes, turning them into opportunities for personal growth?

Picture this: An overflowing wardrobe transformed into a curated collection, a true reflection of YOU. A closet that empowers, simplifies, and celebrates your journey. The magnetic confidence you exude, turning heads and inspiring everyone around you.

Introducing Style Masters - Your Style Renewal
It's not just a program; it's a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and style renewal. Together, we'll navigate the nuances of your unique journey and craft a wardrobe that speaks volumes about the extraordinary woman you are.
What You'll Uncover

**Rediscover Yourself**
Dive deep into self-reflection and understand the essence of your personal style.

**Color Confidence**
Master the art of wearing colors that resonate with your soul, enhancing your natural beauty.

**Flatter Your Figure**
Embrace your body shape, learning to accentuate your best features effortlessly.

**Signature Style**
Define and refine your signature style, expressing your true self with every outfit.

**Wardrobe Detox**
Bid farewell to wardrobe overwhelm, welcoming a curated closet of joy and versatility.

**Confidence Boost**
Elevate your confidence with the perfect balance of colors, proportions, and statement pieces.

Imagine the Possibilities

Picture yourself confidently navigating each day, embracing life's changes with grace and style. You're not just updating your wardrobe; you're elevating your life. It's more than fashion; it's a celebration of YOU!

How Does Style Masters Work?

Style Masters is a community of like minded women all working on creating a wardrobe in their best colors and personal style. The community is supported with an 11 module program that gives you all the tutorials and tools you need to transform your style and customize your colors.

It is where self-reflection, personalized guidance, and a harmonious blend of fashion and empowerment converge to help women in midlife confidently rediscover their unique radiance, embrace life's changes, and curate a wardrobe that authentically reflects their true selves.

Monthly live calls with Jen and Gail to show you how to apply the current color and fashion trends to your personal style.

Weekly color and style prompts to apply what you learned on the live call.

Weekly Style Masters newsletter to keep you up to date on all the things happening in the membership.

Exclusive Facebook Group to connect with friends, share your outfits, ask questions and receive more content from Jen and Gail.

Step-by-step video tutorials that show and explain how to apply a certain topic to your personal style and color palette

Powerful exercises to instantly transform your look

Proven outfit formulas (you can’t get it wrong!)

Worksheets, reference sheets and digital color palettes conveniently stored in our Style Masters Library

11 Modules
That Guide You Through
Your Color and Style Journey

Module 1: Introduction and Self Reflection

Module 2: Color Foundations

Module 3: DIY Color Analysis

Module 4: Color Harmony

Module 5: Express Yourself Through Color and Prints

Module 6: Flatter Your Body Shape

And that's just the first 6 modules!

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"The video today really made my day. I’m going through a
stressful divorce right now, and this was just the boost I
needed to make me feel truly good and beautiful. Thank you
and keep up the good work! I can't wait for the next zoom!"

~ Katy

Look at what others are saying!

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"I would like to let you know how much I admire and
appreciate your devotion to helping women look their best through knowing their
color palette and how to use
it for their benefit. Your fine art background and
enthusiasm for looking at color theory with fresh eyes
truly brings us a unique perspective that eludes many
other color analysis systems."


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