It wasn’t obvious what season Alison was when I first received her photos. It’s a little tricky when a person’s hair is colored lighter than their natural coloring. Her eyes are a very pretty green. She definitely reads warm to me. I can see golden and yellow undertones in her skin and eyes.


Alison is definitely an autumn. She is not light an delicate to be a spring. Then, Alison sent me a photo of her from her teens and Autumn was a no brainer. She has soft warm eyes and medium brown hair. She looks like a toned autumn in the photo below.


She has lightened over time. Her eyes seem too light to be a toned autumn. In fact, if she were lighter and blonder, I’d almost put her as a toned spring. I draped her in tinted autumn and toned autumn. Tinted is on the left and toned is on the right. The toned autumn colors seem to add shadows to her. She is a tinted autumn.

One thing that will help bring balance to Alison is to deepen her hair color and bring it to a golden blonde with warm brown low lights. Right now, her hair is almost a summer blonde which is too light and cool for her.
tinted-autum-alison-watermelon toned-autumn-alison-maroon

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Jen Thoden