Thank you so much for trusting me with your color analysis!

Please send me a headshot and a close up of your eye in bright natural light, preferably outside in overcast. Overcast because bright shiny sunlight can cast harsh shadows on your face and may make you look warmer than you are. Most importantly, try to avoid shadows on your face.

Also, send me photos of you in any setting. Photos of your natural hair color if you have any. The more photos the better. You can’t send me too many photos. 🙂

What colors do you love to wear? Do you have any photos wearing your favorite colors? Can you take some selfies?

Send all photos to:

Describe your hair to me.

Describe your eyes to me.

How would you best describe yourself:

A. Well-groomed, sophisticated, organized
B. Trendsetter, Spontaneous, Confident
C. Independent, Self-assured, Direct
D. Warm & Friendly, Relaxed, Dependable
E. Hopeless Romantic, Empathetic, Sensitive
F. Unconventional, Laid-back, Creative

How would you describe the way you like to dress:

A. I dress conservatively than other fashionistas and your wardrobe consists of a lot of neutrals such as black, gray, navy blue and beige.
B. I like bold, fun and girly colors such as pinks, bright blues, reds, orange and yellow.
C. I like colors that represent authority. I usually stick to two-tone color combination for a simple but dramatic look such as black on white, red on black.
D. I like neutrals as well as soft and delicate colors. I like simplistic colors such as mid to light tones of grays and blue. Whites and blacks. I’m also drawn to earthy colors.
E. I like girly, delicate colors such as soft pinks, blues, taupes. I like ruffles, velvet, lace, feminine details and soft flowing fabrics. I prefer floral prints.
F. I like creating an eye-popping combos. Soft with bold. Neutrals with brights. But I have a thing for bold, fun colors such as purple, electric blue and hot pink. I also like rich, deep colors.

And Why are you asking for a color analysis? Tell me a bit about yourself. 🙂

I look forward to your responses and your photos!

Thank you

Jen Thoden