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#11 - Growing Out Your Natural Hair Color

Welcome to another episode of The Jen Thoden Show. In this episode, I have an amazing question to respond to.

I'm growing in my grey but I'm not prepared to cut off my shoulder length straight bob, so I have two conflicting colour bases.

On the one hand, I have about 4" of glossy black through all the greys which also contains bright, sparkling silver, but at the same time, I have about 8" of fading darkish brown with lots of golden tones through it.

Eventually, I expect I will be cool colours, as I've mid blue eyes, with the odd gold fleck near the pupil and with a darker blue outer ring around the iris, and pale skin. But with probably another year to go, how do I work out which colours suit me during this transition, and how am I to ensure I'm neither mutton dressed as lamb nor mistaken for granny?

Hope you can offer suggestions, and encourage other ladies out there to go with their natural hair in the process.

Ruth from Scotland

How brave to let your true colors shine through. I love the idea of owning your natural color and tone... and then learning to dress to it. Your colors will look best when you are all natural. But it's scary to grow that grey hair out! Watch this week's episode to hear how to dress during your transition... and what I think about coloring your hair vs going grey.

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