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3 Fresh Ways To Wear Pink Lavender

3 Fresh Ways To Wear Pink Lavender
Pink Lavender is one of the trending colors you see everywhere in stores this Spring/Summer 2018. It is a light soft pink-purple. This color is a little soft and may not look great on someone who needs brighter colors. I think it may depend on the individual item of clothing. I've seen this color with softness and also with some brightness. It translates as a pastel and may wash you out if you need a little more depth or intensity. Pink Lavender, worn on it's own, is soft romantic and soothing. Wearing all Pink Lavender would give you a delicate feminine appearance. But you can change that message by combining it with different colors. I've combined Pink Lavender with 3 different colors. 3 Fresh Ways To Wear Pink Lavender

Pink Lavender + Soft Teal

This color combination is calm and soothing. The soft teal gives this look a healing vibe. How To Wear Pink Lavender

Pink Lavender + Soft Deep Pink

Adding deeper version of pink lavender creates a beautiful monochromatic look. This look is simple, delicate and feminine. How To Wear Pink Lavender

Pink Lavender + Light Yellow

Adding pale yellow gives the look a fresh and friendly look. It adds just a touch of energy to this soft pink lavender. How To Wear Pink Lavender Have fun and wear what you love!

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