Color Theory: Warm Grey vs. Cool Grey
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Color Theory: Warm Grey vs. Cool Grey

Grey is an interesting "color" for me because it's not really a color. It's black with white added to it. Still, it's perceived as a cool color even though it's completely neutral. A medium grey that is completely neutral can be worn by anyone. There are some people that can wear grey better than others though. If you have soft muted tones... or if you are a toned summer, shaded summer or soft summer... grey is always going to look good on you. The colors you wear well have grey added to them to mute them. Grey is already a staple in your color palette, so grey blends right in and looks perfect. The lighter a grey becomes, the less a person with warm undertones can wear it. And people that are bright like a tinted spring, will look drained in pale grey. Medium Color Wheel - Jen ThodenBut there is also warm greys and cool greys. Clothing is rarely a perfectly neutral grey. There is always other threads woven into the fabric making the grey cool or warm. If you have warm undertones, you'll be able to wear the warm greys and cool undertones can wear the cool greys. So, how can you tell which is which? Watch the video below to learn the differences between cool grey and warm grey and how you can tell when shopping.

Once you've had a chance to watch, I'd love to know:
  1. Which grey do you love to wear?
  2. Do you have cool undertones or warm undertones?
Leave a comment below with your answers. Have fun and wear what you love! Jen Thoden

Jennifer Thoden


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