Color Theory: Warm Pink vs. Cool Pink
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Color Theory: Warm Pink vs. Cool Pink

I used to hate pink. I thought pink looked terrible on me. It wasn't until later that realized that the reason I didn't like pink was because I was always wearing the wrong pink. When I thought of pink, I thought of candy pink or hot pink... or Barbie pink. And to me, I just didn't like it. I'm a tinted spring, which means I look best in light true warm colors. So a candy pink that has some blue in it, will look horrible on me. And hot pink is too intense on me. I need light warm colors. A light true red is the best pink for me. Red with white added creates a warm pastel pink. Perfect. If you've never liked pink on you, is it because you never wore the right shade of pink perhaps? Some people only look good in soft muted mauve pinks. If you're a soft or toned individual, those bright pinks are going too look ridiculous on you. It's easy to say I hate pink. And if you're bright like a winter, soft muted pinks or warm pinks are going to look dull and drab. In this color theory lesson, I show you the difference between warm pink and cool pink. What does it mean when you hear me say, "that pink is too cool for you" or "you should wear a warm pink"?

Once you've had a chance to watch, I'd love to know:
  1. What hue of pink do you love to wear?
  2. Do you have cool undertones or warm undertones?
Leave a comment below with your answers. Have fun and wear what you love! Jen Thoden PS. Become a ColorStyle Member and receive a trending color report each month PLUS receive a 10% discount on all of your purchases on

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