Gail’s Picks & Passes for November
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Gail’s Picks & Passes for November

Gail’s Picks & Passes for November

Always keep in mind that these are my opinion as a stylist and based on what I am seeing in the world of fashion. No offense should be taken if you love any of the “PASS” items. This is meant to be a guide for your own shopping and dressing, and just means that I think there are better options right now.


The Velour Track Suit

These are having a rebound moment. Popular years ago, they are back with a vengeance. Choose one in a signature color or your best neutral. This will be your go-to comfy travel outfit during the colder months. In fact, these could easily become my Winter daily uniform, just don’t tell anyone. Pair with hoop earrings and city sneakers to complete the look. Several options are available, including joggers & flare leg plants, pullover crew necks, and zip-up hoodie tops. If you go with the jacket option, complete the look with a graphic t or a turtleneck.

Leather Pants & Skirts (faux included)

These are for everyone! All shapes, styles, and sizes can embrace this hot trend. Options include tailored pants, joggers, pencil skirts, and accordion skirts. Choose any of your best colors and have some fun! I am even seeing bright colors in leather pants and jackets. If you want a more traditional or versatile look, choose pieces in your best grounding neutral. Leather is walking right into the office, grocery store, and soccer field, and is no longer reserved for bikers or sexy date nights. Leather and faux leather can be a little warm if you run hot, so keep that in mind. Options with part leather and part stretch fabric can be a good option for better comfort and fit. You can find leather and faux leather pieces at almost any retailer this season and they are available in a wide range of price points. For the most stylish look, choose a leather piece, top or bottom, and pair it with a softer fabric. Leather on leather can come across as too harsh. Suede shoes are a great option with leather bottoms, as they are of equal weight, but different texture.


Want to layer for the look of Fall, but it still isn’t cold where you are? A vest could be the answer. Layers add interest to outfits and a sleeveless tailored vest or a traditional waistcoat fits the bill in a stylish way. Waistcoats are hot for Fall/Winter 2022 and go along with the Equestrian style that we are seeing. Pair with a tailored button-up top or a turtleneck, jeans, skirt, or slacks, and boots, loafers, or flats for a smart and classic look. The sleeveless wrap vest can be worn closed or open, depending on the temperature, and also will work if you gain or lose a few pounds during the season. The 3rd piece (vest, jacket, etc.) is always a great way to bring an outfit together.


Skinny Jeans

This cut is on the way out. You don’t have to clear out your closet, but don’t pick up anymore! Pants are going to wider legs, including stovepipe, wide leg, and boot cut. The trick to the wider leg is finding the best cut for your body shape. Medium to tall heights should look for options that start to flare at the hip and continue at an angle. Shorter heights should choose styles that flare at a lower point, like a boot cut. Watch out for boyfriend-cut wide legs, as they are often baggy in the hips and rear and don’t flatter your shape.

Striped Sweaters

For me, they just don’t add anything except girth. There are too many beautiful sweaters out there to settle for this option. When we talk about making dressing easy, it’s best to avoid options that require a lot of thought or work to make them look great. A horizontally striped sweater is one of those pieces for me. It has to be the exact right stripe, color, shape, and fabric for your body to look good. If you need to add balance to the top of your body, you can choose this option, but you can get the same benefit from a bulky sweater, ruffles, puffy shoulders, details on the neckline or front, or a trendy blazer, moto, or bomber jacket. So if you love a stripe, go for it, just don’t purchase it because you are settling.

Silky Scarves

People often mention these as a way to add color. These little pieces of fabric will never make up for clothing colors that are not in your palette, and they can make your outfit look dated very quickly. Scarves may circle back into style, but right now they do not come across as modern or on-trend, which means they can make you look older. A button up shirt under a knit or sweater and bulky jewelry are more trending ways to add interest at the neckline and to tie in your best colors colors.

Gail Scott

Gail Scott is Creative Director for Style and Beauty. She is a makeup expert and personal stylist. If you would like professional advice with Gail, please sign up for her exclusive 2-hour 1:1 session. Or schedule a 15 minute Style Chat with Gail to ask your questions.


  • oh yes, have seen those velour track suits all over! I love them tbh. and will skip the scarves! I don’t want to look older!! thanks🙂👍

    - Kristina Leggett
  • Great tips, Gail! I love skinnies, but boot-cut will be my going-forward buy.

    - Patricia
  • Great tips, Gail! I love skinnies, but boot-cut will be my going-forward buy.

    - Patricia
  • 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I knew about all your picks except the velour suit. I had a beautiful Ralph Lauren suit that I had saved since they lost favor several years ago. It was a gift I had hardly worn when they suddenly were considered “dated”. But I was forced to pare down after Hurricane Ida and it was donated. BUT, it wasn’t my color and it probably had a detail that would reveal its age, so not much lost. What’s lost is the ease of wearing skinny jeans. The other styles require hemming for a specific heel height and/or style…..very frustrating.

    - Mary Frances Herrin

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