Gail's Picks and Passes for March 2023
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Gail's Picks and Passes for March 2023

Gail's Picks and Passes for March 2023

It’s that time again, our monthly Picks & Passes post!

As always, these are my suggestions for shopping based on current fashion trends. If you see something in the “Pass” category that you love, keep wearing it! 

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Now, let’s talk PICKS:

A DENIM OR CHAMBRAY DRESS (or skirt) can be a 3-4 season garment. Wear it in the Spring and Fall with bare legs and a jacket or cardi. In the Summer, lose the jacket, roll up the sleeves, and throw on some sandals. For Winter add a sweater or jacket, tights, and boots. They are a great vacay garment, as they require little care and can be dressed up or down with shoes and accessories. Find one that fits your shape in a shade that works for your color type. Pear and hourglass shapes may want a belted version. As an apple, I opt for a looser fit and bring the eye up with a statement necklace or earrings. Inverted triangles would benefit from a wide skirt on the dress for balance.

COLORFUL RAINCOATS are everywhere. The day may be gloomy, but your look doesn’t have to be. Choose one in a signature color and a shape that flatters your figure. Make the coat a part of your outfit rather than an afterthought and you’ll have a great look for the day.

WIDE LEG CROPS are the shape of the season. They are flattering for most shapes and even petite gals can wear them. Choose a length that is in proportion to your height. If you are petite, a leg opening on the straighter side will work better than a wide flair. Choose a great neutral or denim to replace your full-length chino pants for Summer, or one of your colors for your seasonal palette and pair them with a print top and a cute sandal or clog.


LOW-RISE PANTS are out (thankfully). Pants are going up to our natural waist, which for many is the smallest point on their torso. These can be more comfortable as you don’t worry about them sliding down or the dreaded muffin top. They can make you look smaller, by accentuating the waist. If you are tall and slim, a super high rise may work for you. For average heights and shapes, a mid-rise is great.

METAL COLLAR DETAILS on tops is a very dated look. These details also interfere with other accessories. For a modern look, choose a simple collar and a bold statement necklace or a decorative ruffle, tie, or smocking detail with statement earrings.

TIGHT LEG CAPRIS are simply not flattering on most bodies. They make the torso look larger and may make your feet look larger too. Wider leg openings are a better option, as they create the appearance of balance.

Until next month,

Happy Shopping and Styling!

Gail Scott
YCS Beauty & Fashion Editor

Picks and Passes for March 2023

Gail Scott

Gail Scott is Creative Director for Style and Beauty. She is a makeup expert and personal stylist. If you would like professional advice with Gail, please sign up for her exclusive 2-hour 1:1 session. Or schedule a 15 minute Style Chat with Gail to ask your questions.

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  • “Gail’s Picks and Passes” is such a well-written and colorful feature! I love reading it.

    - Meg

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