How To Wear Orange
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How To Wear Orange

How To Wear Orange


Who Can Wear Orange? | 31 Outfit Ideas For Wearing Orange | Soft and Cool: Can I wear a cooler shade of orange?

The color orange is a combination of red and yellow. It is a warm color. There's really no cool version of orange. It is made from two warm colors. The more yellow you add to it, you'll get yellow-orange to a golden yellow to yellow. The more red you add to it, you'll get red-orange to tomato red to red. You must be able to add blue to a color to cool it down. When you add blue to orange, you get brown. You could argue that that brown is a cool orange. I could get on board with that depending on how much blue was added.

Given that orange is a very warm color, it is challenging for many to wear. If you don't have dominant warmth in your coloring, orange may feel too bold or warm. If you have cool undertones, orange can often feel wrong. Especially softer oranges or burnt oranges. The softer the orange, the more a person with cool undertones will want to avoid wearing.

If you don't like the color orange near your face, you can always wear it as a bottom.

Who Can Wear Orange?

Orange is one of those polarizing colors. Either you love it or you hate it. Especially when we talk about wearing the color. It can be bold and bright… and not very flattering on everyone. The color orange breaks the color analysis rules.

31 Outfit Ideas For Wearing Orange

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Soft and Cool: Can I wear a cooler shade of orange?


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