Inner Style: What's Your Story
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Inner Style: What's Your Story

I am successful, independent, business saavy, smart, pretty, goofy, happy, a fabulous mom, thoughtful and determined. I am a runner. I am an artist. I am a talented personal stylist and color analyst. I am a successful business owner. I am creative and inspirational. I love to learn new things. I love to teach. I love to inspire people. I am a personal development junky. I am passionate about personal transformation.

This is my story.

It used to be: I am a hard working divorced mom that does the best she can. Secretly, I was lonely. Scared. Overweight. Tired. Lost. Frumpy. Unattractive.

Or something like that.

If I ask you today "Who are you?". How will you answer? How will you answer inside your head? How many of those thoughts don't serve you?

Last year, I decided to train and run a half marathon. Something I never did before. I used to say, running for long periods of time bores me. My knees hurt when I run. I'm not really built for running. I could never run that far or that long.

In order to meet my goal, I had to change my story. I had to change what I said out loud and what I told myself in my head.

My story changed to: I love to run. Running is my meditation. Running is easy for me. I love to listen to my personal development audios while I run. I love running for long periods of time because it gives me a chance to listen to my audio books and webinars. Running clears my head. If I don't run, I get anxious.

I believed it. And I ran 13 miles last year.

I believe anything is possible and that you can do anything you desire.

Listen to the words you use to describe yourself. Become aware. When you hear a phrase that doesn't serve you, change it. When you hear yourself say "I can't afford that." Change it to "How can I get that?" Don't limit yourself. Open yourself up to opportunities and possibilities.

What's your story?


Jen Thoden

Jennifer Thoden


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