Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season Is Luisa?
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Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season Is Luisa?

When Luisa sent me her photos, I immediately thought DEEP. Deep eyes and deep hair. But when I saw her eyes, I realized that she's not exactly deep. Her eyes are dark but not "deep". They are a cool brown. Cool Brown Eye - Seasonal Color Analysis She also appears cool to me. Cool hair and undertones. Cool, deep... but not too deep... she is a toned winter. Toned winter is one of the new seasons in the 4x4 color system. A toned winter has cool undertones, deep hair, high contrast between skin and hair but the eyes are just not as deep as a deep winter's eyes. A toned winter can also be thought of as a soft winter. Below is Luisa in Toned Winter. toned-winter-luisa-emerald toned-winter-luisa-soft-piknkHere's what Luisa says about her color analysis...
Thank you. I’ve already worn two of the colors on the palette and gotten compliments. I love my color palette.
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