July Color Challenge #3
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July Color Challenge #3

July Color Challenge #3
This week's color challenge is to wear a combination of 2 or more colors shown here. These colors come from July's color palette of the month. Glacier Lake and Very Peri are trending colors for the Spring/Summer 2022 season. They look amazing together. Soft Dandelion and Lavender Grey are created from mixing Glacier Lake and Daffodil together. These 4 colors are harmonious, meaning they go together because the colors are created from each other.
If you don't want to wear these colors, create your own 2x2 grid of harmonious colors. The lesson on how to do this is in this Color Obsessed post. We are also learning how to create our own 4, 9 and 25 color harmonious color palettes in our colors inside of VIP Colorful U.
Please post a pic of yourself in the FB Group or on Instagram. Make sure to tag YourColorStyle and add #JulyColorChallenge so that we can find you.

Jennifer Vax

Jen Vax is the founder of Your Color Style. She is a best selling author, speaker, artist and entrepreneur. She helps women learn how to wear color in a way that expresses their true nature. Take the FREE color analysis quiz to get started.

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