How to Wear Poinciana - 3 Outfit Ideas
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3 Ways to Wear Poinciana

3 Ways to Wear Poinciana

Poinciana is a medium tomato red.  It can be worn best by people with warm undertones 

It can be found in stores as bright and soft. It’s right in between.

I've pulled together 3 outfit ideas using the same Poinciana top to inspire you this week.

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Outfit Idea #1

This is my favorite outfit of the three. I know, you haven't seen the other two outfit ideas, but I just love the soft blue grey denim color against this red. Pairing a bright color next to a soft color will make the bright color the focal point.


Outfit Idea #2

You can quiet this red by adding in neutrals and lighter versions of this color. You see pinks, beiges and red in this outfit.



Outfit Idea #3

Red and purple! Wow! Now that's an energizing power color combo. I love these pants!!


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