Seasonal Color Analysis - What Season Is Bonnie?
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Seasonal Color Analysis - What Season Is Bonnie?

Bonnie sent me some great photos of her in different colored shirts. She immediately read warm to me. In fact, one of the photos she sent me was of her in a mango orange top which looked perfect on her. Not too many people can wear mango. This was my first clue that she was a spring. Her eyes are warm but not super light. They're not earthy either. They are soft. toned-spring-eyes The combination of being light and warm plus her soft eyes, makes her a toned spring. Toned springs are still springs, so light and bright colors look good. Toned springs look even better in softer colors too. Her final color analysis is below. toned-spring-bonnie-warm-pink toned-spring-bonnie-tender-peach Would you like a personal seasonal color analysis so that you can dress with confidence everyday? I'd love to help! Visit my Personal Seasonal Color Analysis page to learn more. Jen Thoden

Jennifer Thoden


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