How To Wear Boots
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Ways To Wear Boots - Part 2

Ways To Wear Boots - Part 2

We are diving even deeper into our discussion on Ways to Wear Boots. Looking great in your boots is dependent on choosing the right boot for the look. In addition to shaft height, we can look to other details for creating a harmonious look or adding a pop of something surprising.

Common Style Mistakes When Wearing Boots

Some mistakes that I often see:

  • Choosing a very casual boot with a dressy dress or skirt. This could be a stacked heel, buckle detail boot, or a boot that is too short-shafted for the dress.
  • A flat short bootie (like a Chelsea) with a dress or skirt.
  • Wearing a boot that is too light in color for the overall outfit.
  • Wearing a lug sole with a dressy or professional outfit.

Let’s break down the details and help you to choose the right boots for your look!

How To Choose the Right Boot For Your Look

The Heel Design of Your Boots

When it comes to HEEL DESIGN, we are looking at the shape of the heel. A block heel is going to look more casual than a solid composite or covered heel. A heel covered in the same leather as the boot is a very dressy look that can also work with jeans. Lug soles will always make a boot feel more casual.

Tip: If it goes on a work boot, it doesn’t go with a dressy dress or slacks.

How To Wear Boots - Your Color Style

The Heel Shape of Your Boots

HEEL SHAPE will also determine which boot to choose. Chunky block heels are more casual than a stiletto or kitten heel. An exception is the covered chunky platform heel, which can be quite dressy, especially if the boot is satin or patent leather. Very flat heels can work for most styles, but the color, composition, and toe shape will drive how dressy the boot can go.

Tip: The heel of the boot should not feel heavy in relation to the garments being worn.

How To Wear Boots - Your Color Style

The Material and Color of Your Boots

The MATERIAL and COLOR of a boot should match the style of your look. Suede and leather lend themselves to both dressy and casual looks. Typically a color the same or deeper than your hemline will work best, but a lighter neutral can work when it ties into something in the look such as a print or other accessories. Fabric boots, especially with a print or embroidery are best for the romantic and BOHO styles.

Check out my Romantic Style Guide and BOHO Style Guide

Metallic leather boots work well with edgy and classic looks. For the classic look, choose a subtle metallic like bronze or pewter versus a bright shiny gold or silver. The super reflective and bright metallics are best with the edgy look. Colorful patent leather is another great choice for edgy looks. A neutral patent can add a little edge to a classic look.

Tip: You will never regret purchasing a classic tall leather boot in your best neutral.

How To Wear Boots - Your Color Style

The Details of Your Boots

Little DETAILS like buckles matter. A buckle is a more casual detail. For the dressiest looks, choose a sleek boot without a buckle. Stitching gives a Western feel to a boot, making it feel more casual. A scrunched shaft is a detail that comes in and out of style. Whether casual or dressy, this look is best for taller women with long legs, as it can make the bottom of the leg look heavy. Boots with sparkles, stones, zippers, and pearls can be worn with edgy and romantic looks. Choose an embellishment that reflects the style of the look, such as zippers for edgy looks and pearls for romantic looks.

Tip: For a modern, edgy look, choose a boot that is unexpected with the look. For example, stone or pearl embellished boots with jeans and a tee, or military boots with a sweater dress and tights.

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How To Wear Boots - Your Color Style

I hope this helps you to choose the perfect boot for the look that you are creating.



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