Ways To Wear Green - Part 2
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Ways To Wear Green - Part 2

Ways To Wear Green - Part 2

Our last post on Ways To Wear Green gave you outfit ideas for wearing green, now let’s discuss color combinations that work with GREEN.

Best Neutrals To Wear With Green

For our cool greens, Cool Grays, Deep Navy, and Cool Browns are great neutrals to mix in. Mint pairs well with all 3 neutrals, as there is a moderate amount of contrast. For the brighter greens like Green and Barista, pair with medium to deep cool or brown for balance. The teals will pair well with deep grays for a nice contrast. For these neutrals, imagine a wool pant or linen short for texture.

The best neutrals for our warm greens are camel, deep beige/sand, and deeper warm browns. The warmer greens tend to have a touch of sharpness to them and they balance well with the calm that the browns and beiges bring. The warmer greens will pop against these true neutrals. As with the cool shades, wool and linen in these colors brings texture to the look.

Best Neutrals To Wear With Green

Best Colors To Wear With Green

For palette color combinations, corals/light reds, warm medium pinks, and deep purples provide contrast to our cool greens, as they are on the opposite side of the color wheel. You might find these colors in a print, or choose to do color blocking with them. If you go the color-blocking route, tie the colors together with accessories.

For our warm greens, oranges, and yellows work well as a contrast color. Coral, persimmon, and yellow make a beautiful palette with the warm greens. Wear them all together or mix and match your favorites. The oranges and yellows make for a beautiful shoe option in the Spring/Summer months and deeper versions for Winter.

Best Colors To Wear With Green

Makeup Colors To Wear With Green

Makeup colors for our cool greens should be plums, corals, deep pinks, & cool bronzes for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Remember to choose eye shadow colors based primarily on your eye color. Choose from cool green, gray, and cool brown liners. The plums, pinks, and corals will pop off of the cool greens, and the bronzes will blend.

For the warmer greens, makeup shades in golds, golden browns, corals, coppers, & siennas will work on the eyes, again choosing based on your eye color. Eyeliners in warm browns, golds, warm bronzes, and coppers will tie into the look. For lips and cheeks, choose corals, coppers, and siennas for a harmonious look that also provides a pop of color.

Makeup Colors To Wear With Green

Accessories To Wear With Green

For our accessories with the cool greens, silver & pewter metals will tie in with the cool shades. In wood items such as jewelry, choose cool browns. For leathers, grays, wine colors, and white will work based on the season. White acrylic pieces also work for Summer and provide a crisp contrast.

With the warm greens, gold, bronze, and copper metals all work. For other natural materials, look to raffia, straw, and warm wood tones. Camel, warm brown, rust, and tan leathers will pair nicely with the warmth in the greens. 

Accessories To Wear With Green

Your Best Shade of Green To Wear

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