Ways to Wear Green
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Ways to Wear Green

Ways to Wear Green

Green, is it warm or cool? YES!

That is a trick question, as greens can be cool, warm, or universal because it takes both blue and yellow to make them. The more blue, the cooler the green, the more yellow, the warmer the green. As other colors like white or black are added, this changes the depth of the shade. So let’s see ways to wear green.

Look #1-Ways to Wear Olive Green

Olive can be cool or warm. If it has a touch of blue, it is cool. A touch of yellow or gold and it becomes warm. In these looks, we have paired sweaters with the cool and warm versions of olive pants. The cool plum sweater works nicely with the cool olive pant, as these are opposing colors on the wheel. A colorful belt containing the green and the plum has been added to bring the look together. We topped it off with an athletic shoe in the same colors to complete the look. For our warm color types, a metallic gold sweater is a great complement to the golden olive pants. We kept the warm metallic tones going with a shimmery olive belt and gold city sneakers. For each look, jewelry was brought in to match the sweater or pants.

Ways to Wear Olive Green - Your Color Style

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Look #2-Ways to Wear Kelly Green

Kelly or true green works for almost everyone. To complete a cool look, we’ve added a hot pink clutch bag and flat hot pink shoes, with green and pink beaded earrings. This makes the ensemble feel cool and bright. For a warm look, tan and tobacco pieces warm up the green. We chose tobacco suede for the bag and booties, and then tied the look together with a multi-color necklace in warm tones.

Ways to Wear Kelly Green - Your Color Style

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Look #3-Ways to Wear Sea Green/Teal Green

Teal is another green that can swing both ways. For the cool look, we went monochromatic with the top, pants, and suede pumps, then added silver jewelry to pull it to the cool side. For the warm look, a print with teal plus camel, paired with camel suede pumps and teal jewelry pull the look to the warm side. This look can work for both bright and soft warm coloring.

Ways to Wear Teal or Sea Green - Your Color Style

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Look #4-Ways to Wear Mint Green

Something for our light to medium color types. By mixing mint with other cool shades, gray and black, it feels icy and cool. We added silver and black jewelry to keep that going (if you are light or medium, you could use all gray and silver). Adding a peach cardigan to our mint button up brings it to the warm side. Adding in orange earrings and flats demonstrates that shades do not have to be exact to work. The peach and orange blend and keep the look bright and warm. Simple gold bangle braclets continue the warm feeling.

Ways to Wear Mint Green - Your Color Style

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Your Best Shade of Green To Wear

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  • Visual examples, cool and warm, combined with explanations are so helpful. Thank you!

    - Elizabeth

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