How To Wear White
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Ways to Wear White

Ways to Wear White

At Your Color Style, when we speak of wearing white, we usually mean wearing your lightest neutral shade. This can range from true white to cream, depending on your color type. Knowing your best white is key to wearing the shade successfully. White can brighten up a look and provide a great background for other colors to shine.

It can also stand alone in head to toe looks.

On this page:

  • Your Perfect Shade of White
  • How To Wear Warm White
  • How To Wear Cool White
  • How To Wear Warm White and a Print
  • How To Wear Cool White and a Print
  • How To Wear All White
  • Tips for Wearing White

    Your Perfect Shade of White for Your Undertones

    Warm White

    Warm Whites

    Choose a warm white if you have warm coloring. These shades are not pure whites. They are often referred to as off-white, cream, and ivory. They have been warmed up by adding yellow or brown to them, taking off the icy cool edge of pure white. 

    Warm Whites

    A little more depth can make a white appear softer in tone, which works well for those with lower contrast or soft coloring. The slightest addition of color makes all the difference in how these shades lay on the skin.

    Cool White

    Cool Whties

    The cool whites are the purer whites, but they can also have blue, gray, or even a touch of green added to them. They usually possess an icy quality and feel fresh and crisp.

    Cool Whites

    If you have softer coloring, choose a cool white with a little gray or taupe added. Those colors take some of the brightness and contrast away and help the color work better for lower contrast and softer color types. Again, the difference can be very subtle, but is noticeable when the color is up against your skin.

    How to Wear Warm White

    How to Wear Warm White

    White can be worn many ways, but one of it's best uses is as a background for your best shades. The comparison of the colors makes the non white color "pop" and stand out. For warm color types, ivory with your deep rusts and oranges can be very chic.

    Complete the look with deep neutral shoes and accessories.

    For makeup, choose warm browns and corals.

    How To Wear Cool White

    How To Wear Cool White

    Black and white is a classic look. Choose your level of white and your deepest cool neutral of black, navy, or chocolate brown for a striking combination. Since there is a lot of contrast here, keep your makeup bright and saturated for balance. 

    How To Wear Warm White and Prints

    How To Wear Warm White and Prints

    Whites also look great with patterns or a mid-tone color from your palette. And don't be afraid to wear white on the bottom. If you are heavier on your bottom half, balance the look with details and jewelry around the neckline. 

    How To Wear Cool White and Prints

    How To Wear Cool White and Prints
    Pairing white with a print really makes the print the star of the show.

    Pull a color from the print for shoes and accessories and when possible take your lip color from the print as well.

    How To Wear All White

    How To Wear All White

    Head to toe white is a stunning Summer look. It's fresh and crisp and let's you be the star of the show. Make sure this is your best white and accessories with a pop or color or more of the same white.

    Tips for Wearing White

    • Choose flesh-colored undergarments
    • Purchase better fabrics for less opacity
    • Pair with the same white for a monochromatic look, but do not mix whites that are not the same
    • Keep white shoes clean with a magic cleaning sponge
    • Purchase white shoes in leather, as faux leather rarely looks good in white
    • Don’t be afraid to wear light colors on the bottom, you can balance them out with interest around your neckline and shoulders

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