What Makes A Color Perfect For You
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What Makes A Color Perfect For You

What Makes A Color Perfect For You

“Well? What do you think?” I heard my daughter Mindy ask. I looked up from my computer, slightly annoyed that I had been interrupted from my writing. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw my 16 year old’s confident smile and super woman pose.

Now, if she asked you this question, you would wonder what she was talking about? What do I think about what?

But since it’s me and my life is all about color, I knew this had something to do with what she was wearing.

Now, what she was wearing wasn’t remarkable but she looked cute. She always looks cute. She had on a soft muted mint green top. It was sleeveless with a heart shaped neckline, spaghetti straps and a simple ruffle along the hemline. She paired her top with what must be yet another new pair of jean shorts. Seriously, how many pairs of jean shorts does a person need?

“Well?” She prompted.

“You look super cute, “ I said with affection. “Is that a new top?” Purposely ignoring the new pair of jean shorts. Again, how many pairs does one need??

“Yep,” she said proudly.

“I really like it on you,” I said. “That color is perfect on you.”

She exclaimed, “I know, right?!”

Which made me laugh. “It’s amazing,” I said with wonder, “that that color looks absolutely perfect on you, but would totally wash me out. “

The chroma of a color is more important than the hue itself. The mint green Mindy wore was muted. It was not a bright mint green. It had some grayish tones to it. Mindy is soft and warm in the Your Color Style system. The soft muted mint green was perfectly in alignment with her natural coloring and tone.

In comparison, I am bright and warm. That grayish mint green would wash me out. It would do nothing for me. A bright mint green would light me up. May even make my eyes pop a little.

Pay attention to the intensity of a color in comparison to your natural intensity. If you want to learn more about Bright and Soft, take a look at the Bright and Soft Color Guides.

Mindy felt confident in her color choice. She walked around as if she made some secret discovery. She loved the color on her and wore it confidently. She beamed because she was allowing herself to feel good about herself. That is a beautiful example of authenticity.

When you allow yourself to feel good about YOU, you grow in confidence and self esteem. Your confidence sends out positive energy and that positive energy is reciprocated. You feel hope and happiness. That confidence and positive emotion will bring you closer to what you truly want in life.

So, when a compliment comes your way, graciously accept the compliment and allow it to make you feel good. Give yourself permission to feel amazing.

Do not deflect it by saying “oh, thanks but I’m so tired today.” Or any of the other reasons why we shouldn’t feel good about ourselves:

Thanks but:

  • this color washes me out
  • I had to wear this shirt to hide my belly
  • I’m not feeling great today
  • I’m having such a bad hair day
  • or worse... No, I don’t.

You are telling yourself and the world that you are not worthy of praise or good feelings. You teach yourself low self esteem and low confidence.

You are worth loving and you are worth receiving good things in your life.


There are 2 things that make a color perfect on you:

  1. The chroma of the color is in alignment with your natural chroma
  2. You feel great in that color and you love it
*HUGS* Jen Thoden

Jennifer Thoden


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